Thursday, November 8, 2012

WIP Thursday

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- you have an hour or so to link up with November's "Just Three." :)

- you have a few hours if you'd like to vote for my Cosmic Quilt at the Blogger's Quilt Festival (it's in the Bed Quilt category)

- I'm getting Scrappy Sprouts for my friend Chelsa's quilt in the mail every day!  They're going to be so amazing together!  Here's our flickr group if you want to see and join in. :)

- I'm working on writing my Cosmic pattern, and it's getting so close!  I am teaching myself Illustrator and InDesign, so it's been very brainy work, but going well!  Here's a little glimpse of what I'm learning!

yes, I'm feeling *quite* smug to be figuring this out. ;)
We moms of wee-ones don't always get to feel smart or in charge. ;)

- Speaking of the Cosmic pattern, I am in the process of ordering templates!  I just got my first sample set in the mail, and I am trying all of them out tonight (I hope!).

Cosmic templates!

- One of the Cosmic templates is doing double-duty.  I am playing with my AMH rainbow fabrics, and Value, and planning something happy. 

double duty templates

- ^^ this AMH rainbow quilt, was inspired by this pillow talk swap top.

Pillow talk swap top

Now to get it quilted!

There is my WIP report.  A day late.  Like most things around here.


sandra said...

Hi I did go vote for your quilt earlier in the week because I loved it. Blessings Sandra

Little Bluebell (Adrianne) said...

Tracey! Your diagrams a rockin'!!!

Angela said...

so many fun things!!

Lindsey said...

I didn't even think about plastic templates when you were talking templates, those I would use over just measuring and cutting myself. =) And I love that they can do double duty so they aren't just for one project. I can't believe you already have another quilt top to quilt up. Go Tracey!

Katy Cameron said...

Gotta love some double duty template work!

Cille said...

Here I am 3 days late trying to catch up on thing :). The templates will be great -wonderful idea to be able to use them for more projects. I voted for you at the blogger s quilt festival - havn't seen the results yet but fingers are crossed.


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