Saturday, August 31, 2013

a little weekend WIP

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Hoping to get this pretty little custom quilt finished this weekend. :)

I decided to add another row of triangles to the right, then it'll need a border, basting, quilting, and binding!

Jay doesn't have Monday off, so here's hoping for a productive tomorrow!

a little weekend WIP

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

WIP Wednesday - more #munchkinland

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WIP #munchkinland

Even though I still haven't got all the fabric put away that I pulled to make this quilt top, I love it. LOVE it.

After sending Chelsa her Scrappy Sprouts, I knew I needed my own rainbow quilt with low volume background prints and an insane number of pretty squares in a spectrum.  I had many of the squares already cut (intended to become granny squares), but after seeing a gajillion granny square quilts, I didn't want to finish mine any more.  I wanted to do an Arkansas (or is it Alabama) cross-roads.

And here she is. I call her #munchkinland. Because it reminded me of Wizard of Oz.

Just needs another border I think. Got any ideas?
Right now I'm leaning towards rainbow patchwork, and then more low volume? Good???

(Free patterns for this quilt can be found here and here)

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Monday, August 19, 2013

a very pretty quilt top

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My VIBees ladies made me these gorgeous blocks while I was pregnant with Scarlet, and I got them pieced in to most of a top this weekend.

My theme was "Bloom," and I had this quilt as one of my "If it's a girl" quilts (because we didn't peek at the ultrasound).

I'm trying to decide to leave it mostly as is, and use it in a little bed, or add a border so it would work on a twin bed.  I'm leaning towards the latter.

VIBees Bloom quilt top

A big thank you to Melissa, Amy, Rene, Natalia, Angela, Lynne, Krista, Corey, Katie, Meghan, Kelly, and Cherie! Scarlet already loves it. ♥

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

yay! I'm on instagram now!

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Thanks to the genius and generosity of the lovely Lindsey (@Happierthanabirdquilts), and her mailing me her old smart phone, and explaining to me that I can use it on my wi-fi at home, I am now on Instagram!

You can find me here, or search for "traceyjayquilts"

And I also got my rainbow quilt mostly pieced! I'm calling it Munchkin land.  Wait... make that #munchkinland ;)

Munchkin land WIP

(and if you want to see part of the aftermath of making that quilt)

Tonight my goal was to figure out a profile picture.  So I borrowed my favorite accessory and attempted a selfie. And then I had my husband help.

The little lady and I.
The little lady and I

Anyway... that's my exciting news for the day.  Oh, that and we got a garage last week.
And said goodbye to this arrangement (which was better than this one).

Yep... you might be a redneck if...

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

WIP Wednesday - big crushes

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The kids got to go see their grandma last weekend, and I was all by myself for most of Friday.

I woke up, knew Jay would be going to work, and thought to myself, "I can do whatever I want today."

That "whatever I want," turned in to turning those low volume squares I cut previously in to some background blocks, and getting started on what would become these. (All while watching a Harry Potter marathon -- not sure what it says about me that all I wanted to do for my free time was some scrappy sewing and HP watching).

Rainbow patchwork blocks

There are twenty-five of them.
The colors, from the top left and snaking through the rows (and yes, I had fun naming them):
wine, red, cerise, hot pink, candy pink, pink, peachy coral (x2), tangerine, orange, goldenrod, sunshine yellow, mustard yellow, lime green, kelly green, mint green, ice blue, aqua, teal, blue, periwinkle, lavender, mauve, grape, and plum.

Oh I have such a crush on them.  They will be combined with some low volume prints and make me happy.

Rainbow patchwork blocks

Though you should see the mess of stash I have to fold and organize now!  Ufta! (Not to mention the big pile of laundry that was neglected, but that's fairly normal around here unfortunately).

You can see up close pictures of most of them in my flickr set.
Rainbow blocks WIP


I also got a little more fabric.
I have a big crush on this new line, The Sweet Life, from Cori Dantini (for Blend fabrics.)  I got my prints from Theresa at The Meandering Thread. (There's also a Collage print that snuck in at the bottom of the stack).

The Sweet Life

They're so artsy and pretty.  And have great panels. (You can find them here.)

The Sweet Life

I need to think of something to do with them. :)

Winner of the Roundhouse template and magazine is Diane!  (I'll need your address)

And linking to Lee's!

(And one more cute picture, just for fun.  The little man and little miss were watching Scooby Doo together) ♥


Big crushes I tell you.
Rainbow patchwork blocks

Thursday, August 1, 2013

This and that and a giveaway...

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Thank you for all the love and support on my Roundhouse Quilt!
I got my copy of the magazine in the mail last week, and it was a really good feeling.  I think my favorite was how excited my husband was to get the magazine, or showing the picture to Steiger and asking him if he recognized anything (because you can bet that he's running around in the background of all my quilty photo shoots).  He sheepishly said, "That's Mommy's quilt." Making an all Anna Maria Horner spectrum quilt was on my quilty "bucket list," so it was extra exciting to be able to publish it.  And I really love the pattern too.

My Roundhouse!

I have a few extra copies of the magazine to sell with the templates that are up in my little shop.

The cover quilt, made by Amy Friend, is amazing! I just love her creativity here!

Aug/Sept American Quilter

I want to give away a copy of the magazine and a template.  If you'd like to enter - leave a comment here!  Pin the Roundhouse (or share on facebook or be a follower) for an extra entry.


Can you believe I hadn't bought any fabric since April?  (I checked and double-checked my statements to confirm that!)  But then placed a few orders to celebrate.  And then I think I might have got a case of "one yard is too many, and twenty aren't enough."

Here is a FQ bundle of Anna Maria's re-released Hand Drawn Garden (you can get it here from Beth at Stash Modern Fabrics, or from Amanda at Westwood Acres).  The social climber is one of my favorite prints; I'm going to need to get yardage to make something with that (or back a quilt or something).  And I actually used a lot of my AMH stash to make my Roundhouse quilt.  It *clearly* needed a bit of replenishing.

Hand Drawn Garden

I also got this great bundle from Beth at Stash Modern Fabrics today.  Mostly Briar Rose and a Squared Elements, with a couple others thrown in.  I LOVE this stack, and plan to use some of it this weekend.

Briar Rose & Squared Elements

New fabric!

So pretty!  This is why I quilt! I can't help myself!

I have been loving my little pattern editing gig with American Quilter, but one down side is that it takes most of my sewing time.  But I'm all caught up on assignments, and this weekend I plan to do some sewing.  I took this pile of low volume background pieces outside this week to cut while the kiddos were playing (I love doing that - and p.s. most of these came from Amanda at Westwood Acres).


Hopefully I'll have something to show you soon with these!  That's the plan at least!  (Along with a couple custom quilts, a couple patterns to write... you know the drill!) ♥

Anyway - if you'd like to enter to win a copy of the August/September American Quilter magazine, with an acrylic Roundhouse template, don't forget to leave a comment!  (Or you can just buy one).

And have a great weekend!

♥ Tracey


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