Sunday, March 27, 2011

books + 1st trimester = good friends

Pin It I got a nookcolor with my Christmas money.

It has been a good companion while navigating the first trimester. :)

I thought I'd pass on my thoughts --

Heather recommended this series a while back, and I was not disappointed.

I read all of them in just a few days.  I love having a series already published when I start it.  It's such a nice escape.  This one deals with a girl who goes to Dublin, Ireland to investigate the mysterious murder of her sister. It winds up being that she has secret abilities to see the parallel Fae universe, which is attempting to take over ours... if you're a reader who likes to stay grounded in reality, this is not the series for you... but if you'd like to follow the would-be-impossible-if-not-for-some-unrealized-powers-and-unmatchable-allies quest of our young twenty-something heroine (who, like the heroine of another book I know, draws the attention of a much-older and completely inappropriately matched man for her), then it is a fun read.  It's got a  touch of gratuitousness to it, but not so much that I felt like I needed to skip entire chapters... and it's definitely a bit dark... enough so that I'd feel nervous reading late at night, and glad Jay was there. :)

This weekend I also finished the "Study Series" by Maria V. Snyder.  Poison Study is April's read for the "Quilty Girls Book Club," but since I had already read March's book, and I'm not doing much sewing these days, I got started on this one early.

- has the tragic, larger than life heroine who discovers unique, hidden talents
- she, of course, captures the love and attention of an unlikely suitor
- it's not a perfect ending, but the good guys still (mostly) make it.

A fun read.  There are three in this series... the first one is the best, in my opinion, but they're all really enjoyable.  Again -- it's got a bit of fantasy, which I like... I don't want anything too serious when I'm reading to escape the queasies.

I went two days in a row this week of no nap while Steiger was napping (I had errands to run -- don't worry... Daddy or Grandma was with Steiger), so I'm hoping I'll get some energy back soon!  I really do miss my machine.


One more series -- if you haven't read the Hunger Games yet, it's also right up there in a good series to read.  I finished it over Christmas-time... but I thought I'd give in a mention in case you've been living under a rock and haven't heard about it yet.  The main character is living in a Dystopia, and must use her -- yet again -- unrealized potential and handsome suitors to save the day (I'm noticing a theme in my literature here). ;)

If you've got any recommendations for either a good series, or a good boy's name (I have a strong inkling the next one will be a boy, and while I was wrong with Steiger, I don't think so... but I have no idea how we'll name another boy after the name "Steiger!"), please leave it in the comments!  And I hope to be joining you in sewing land again soon!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

so tiny and wiggly

Pin It I got to see my baby this morning.

Kind of a scary, odd picture, but it was really fun to see this little person wiggle...
Though... if this child proves as active over the next few months as he or she (I think he) was this morning...
I am in for... some kind of crazy...

My "official" EDD is October 15.

Steiger's quite excited he's going to be a big brother... and he has now got it down that the baby is in my tummy, and not his... only "FOOD!" is in his...

So here's what I've been busy working on the past few weeks...
The woes of the first trimester (I haven't had it too bad really -- just more tired and queasy in the evenings) have been keeping me away from my fabric and machine, and I'm hoping the second trimester brings with it some renewed energy... because I've got more baby quilts to make! (Jay doesn't want to find out the gender, so I'll be doing double duty on the quilts). ;)

If you're the praying kind, I of course covet your prayers for a healthy baby and mama -- with a complication free pregnancy and delivery.

Monday, March 14, 2011

babies with quilts

Pin It It's been quiet around here lately... I know...
Life has gotten a bit busier than usual, but I promise I have been working on something (that I hope to have ready to show you on long as my luck continues)...

In the mean time -- enjoy these little cuties.

Lainey and her shabby chic little nine-patch chain

Will, with his Surfer Circle Around.

Olivia Violet, on her Tula Pink.

A wheel for baby Adrian (who is getting so big! He'll be turning 2 about the same time as Steiger!)

(I'll have to ask his mama if he still sleeps with that little blanket)

Ty's mini circle quilt (I love this picture of him)

And sweet, sweet little Thea.

And...just of my favorite baby and quilt photos -- 
also featuring a favorite baby of mine...

Steiger's quilt

If I have ever, or do ever make a quilt for one of your babes -- I want a picture!

Baby quilts are my favorite to make and to give... here's to many more. :)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

a pretty rainbow

Pin It This whole working outside the house thing has its plusses and minuses.


I got nothing sewing related done this week... (had an appointment on Thursday that took nap time, and then we celebrated Jay's birthday yesterday... at P.F. Chang's... which is over 1 1/2 hrs. away one-way).


I could afford this stack of fabric when it was on sale at  I managed to squeeze it in to my cart 15 minutes before the deal ended, AND I had a coupon code. :)

rainbow stack of goodness

I arranged it all like a pretty rainbow, and was happy.

pretty pile of new blenders

For those who'd like a closer up look:

Henna garden, Honey Bee, AB dots

Henna Garden, Honey Bee, Amy Butler dots...

Henna garden, Dance with me, asst, Haven's edge

a little Modern Meadow, Dance with Me, Ta Dot, Nicey Jane, and Haven's Edge.

If you're my M {cubed} partner... hop on over to flickr land, and let me know what you'd most like to see in your package (if you don't mind). ;)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011 glad you were born...

Pin It What would I do without you?

Thank you for dealing with the car today and taking me to work (yep... more rodents under the hood)...

and for working so hard...

and for being such a good daddy for Steiger...

and for doing your best to understand me even though it is beyond foreign to you...

and for getting up with Steiger in the night lately...


and for teaching him about whip cream out of the can (I hear you in there)...

and for marrying me...

and for loving me.

I'll always appreciate it, and love you too.

It's a good little life we're building...

Here's what your son made you tonight.


We love you... and we're so glad you're here.


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