Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Nine-patch curves from Quilter's Mixology

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I am lucky enough to be friends with the lovely Angela at Cut to Pieces, and knew instantly I wanted to make the Nine Patch Curves quilt from her A Quilter's Mixology: Shaking Up Curved Piecing

Another dear friend of mine got married this past September, but harvest and a new job and a family tragedy impeded my actually getting there. The next best thing I could do was make a quilt. 

I got to give it to her and her new hubby over Thanksgiving break. 

I think they loved it. :)

DSC_0086 blog

And it was good to give my dear friend something so special.


My color palette was inspired by her bedding set, and I quilted it in a basic all over stipple. 

I added a row to make the quilt a little bigger from the pattern in the book, and had some acrylic templates made to make the cutting more enjoyable for me (I really like having templates for cutting).

Here it is before I finished (with my people helping to hold it up).



As far as Angela's book.

I highly recommend it. Her patterns are unique, fun, graphic, pretty, and totally doable. 


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