Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Roundhouse - Finished and Published!

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This is my Roundhouse quilt.

This is also my first magazine published quilt pattern!  You can find the full pattern in this month's American Quilter magazine.


The story behind this quilt -- 

When Scarlet was about four months old, I was able to attend one of Anna Maria Horner's classes in person.  She was teaching her Patchwork Prism quilt, and though I chose different fabrics for that quilt, I was inspired to make a spectrum quilt using as many of Anna Maria's fabrics as I could.  

For the design, an architectural feature behind one of the characters on Once Upon a Time caught my eye.  I used the idea for my Pillow talk pillow, and reworked the size and layout so there would be no inset seams. 

I was THRILLED when I realized that one of my acrylic templates from my Cosmic quilt fit perfectly to make the Roundhouse block.  When paired with some half-square triangles, you get a very easy to construct block with the primary design of Roundhouses, and secondary design of pinwheels.

Roundhouse template

To make the quilt, I cut and arranged all my house shaped pieces in color order.  

AMH rainbow!

Then, starting from the top left, and using purpley-pinks, I laid out my pieces alternating light and dark values. Some of the pattern is not completely obvious due to my fabric selections on this, but I love the scrappy spectrum effect.  


Lindsey made an alternate version of the quilt for me using Happy Go Lucky and white.  Definitely gives a different dynamic.  

Here, with the quilt mocked up in black and white, you can clearly see the primary and secondary designs.  Super versatile pattern, no?

Lindsay from did the quilting, and it is gorgeous!  She did a fairly dense all over paisley design.  I wanted something with movement all over it, and this was a perfect design.  I have worked with Lindsay many times before, and highly recommend her if you're looking for longarm quilting services.

The quilt is backed in one of my favorite AMH prints from her Field Study line, and bound in Buttoned up in Ink (thanks to Kelly).

Roundhouse back

I expect to be receiving a few copies of this month's American Quilter magazine, but if you would like to buy a template, it is available through my shop.  I will have the pattern available for sale separately once the magazine is off newsstands.

Overall though, I love this quilt, and hope you do too.



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