Monday, June 10, 2013

Cosmic quilt top in solids

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This quilt top is destined for my God-sister, as a gift for her college graduation.

I like it, but -- like always, am stuck on how to quilt it.

Cosmic top

I really prefer piecing to quilting I think.

Right now I'm thinking of an echo or free motion loops in the negative space, and then a little straight line with black on the black stars???

Saturday, June 8, 2013


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Yes I feel left out!

So I'm doing a pretend Instagram post. :)

If I was on there myself, here's a bit of what you'd see (from the last week or so):

Scarlet meeting my dear friend's new baby Emily. ♥  She was so sweet with her!  It reminded me of when Steiger met Scarlet for the first time, and didn't want to share her with his grandmas.

Scarlet and baby Emily

Steiger falling asleep in his little chair after a big day playing and too many days in a row of staying up late waiting for Daddy to get home.


You'd probably see a close-up of his amazing eyelashes too.


You'd see what Scarlet could do with ONE hershey Kiss (that I gave her to distract her so I could finish the dishes)


And what she thinks when I put a youtube music video of a song she doesn't want to listen to at that particular moment.  (She loves to watch music videos on youtube, but has very particular taste... this is how I get dinner ready during this crazy busy season).


Not much working on quilts to photo in the moment sadly, but I am trying to get this one done for my God-sister's college graduation gift.

Cosmic WIP

And one more... an oldie, but a goodie.  This photo is from the summer of 2008... This is my hubby, dad, sister-in-law's dad, and Grandpa Jim.  My grandpa passed away yesterday morning, so I went and found this picture after the kiddos and hubby were asleep.  ♥  We'll miss him, but I'm glad he lived a long and full life and is no longer suffering.  We love you Grandpa!

3 generations

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

WIP Wednesday - 6.5.13

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block WIP for a friend

These pretty blocks will be going to a friendship quilt for a mama who is in the midst of some really rough times.  A group of friends and I are hoping they will bring her some comfort!

The color inspiration was this palette from design-seeds.  So pretty!
The block tutorial is from Elizabeth at Don't Call me Betsy.

I've also got these WIPs on my counter.  I call it my "fermentation station."  A few months ago, I learned about the benefits of lacto-fermented veggies, and good bacteria and am really enjoying it!  And Scarlet LOVES the pickles and beets!  (they're also my favorites).  I've got yogurt culturing, water kefir grains fermenting, and pickles, beets, and sauerkraut going.  The water kefir grains are amazing because they make this delicious sparkling soda drink that is much more palatable for me than kombucha. :)

Here's to good bugs!  (Read more about lacto-fermenting here)

Fermentation station

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