Thursday, August 30, 2012

smoochie, smoochie

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I decided our bedroom needed more French Kisses, and it is covered in them every day and night now. ;)

French Kisses King size

This was my original (aka practice) version of the design, done in Sandi Henderson's Secret Garden (for Michael Miller) fabric line.

King size French Kisses

The quilting was done by Lindsay at Eileen Quilts... I wasn't quite up to tackling king-sized on my own machine, and she does such beautiful work. :)

To make the quilt this big, I basically doubled everything in the pattern, did not do the inset border piecing, and used 3 yards of fabric for the 10" wide border all around.

I wish I had a good picture of it on the bed, but I couldn't get the lighting right... so I think I'll trek it over to my mom's house and try again.

I just used some big chunks of fabric for the back.

Bed Kisses back

But it's extra soft, because these were printed on michael miller's couture cotton (so soft and drapey).


It inspires me to make my bed.  So I think it'll do.

French Kisses King size


Also --

I have paper versions of the French Kisses pattern printed and for sale.

The patterns are full color, fully diagrammed, and printed in a little booklet.

So if you'd like one... I'll put it in the mail for you. :)

Please note: explicit directions for the big version are not included in the pattern; however, I'd be happy to give you help if you need it... just email me.  But I mentioned above -- you basically just double everything in the pattern.

One more picture --

This is what Scarlet likes to do, unprompted by me -- she opens the cupboard, pulls out the piles and surrounds herself.  Girl after Mommy's own heart methinks...

takes after Mommy?
(and how much do I love that little wispy curl over her ear?) ;)

Linking up with Kati! :)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pretty Poof crib mobile

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I made this for Scarlet's crib.

If you want to make one too -- head over to Angela's today for her SewLess Summer! :)

The coolest thing happened when I took this outside for pictures.

I was hanging it, and look closely...

cute, no?

I think so too.

These are a little bit time consuming, but fun to put together.

Hope you enjoy!

(and yes, of course they're pink). ;)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

triangles, triangles.

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I feel like I say "finally!" a lot around here. :)

I had the top finished over a year ago... oops.

Since we didn't peek at little miss Scarlet's gender while she was baking, I had made a gender neutral quilt that I intended to take with us to the hospital (I had this dream of greeting baby #2 with skin, and then a homemade quilt -- but labor came on and progressed so quickly that there wasn't even a camera in the room with us when she was born, let alone a quilt). ;)

baby triangles

To make this quilt, I cut sixty degree triangles from 4 1/2" strips using this stack of fabric.  My friend Lindsey made the original inspiration quilt for me, and I also loved Adrianne's little baby mish mash quilt.

And I really do think it works for either a baby boy or girl... which is saying a lot, because generally, I'm not impressed by gender neutral attempts, and think they look either boy or girl.

For the back, I used a big chunk of Tula Pink's Turtle Bay print from Prince Charming in the aqua color.  I had originally intended to use the cream one, but couldn't bring myself to part with it once I decided I would probably be trying to sell this quilt.  I finished off the side with the pastry stripe in the little folks voile.

back of baby triangles

I love that Turtle Bay print, and love how the voile looks next to it.

baby triangles

It's quilted with straight lines, 1/4" ish away from the vertical seams in both directions.

baby triangles

I had started to do the binding in the "saffron" voile, but changed my mind, and decided it needed to be cream instead.  I think they look beautiful together.

baby triangles

I absolutely love this quilt, and think it turned out so beautifully, but because I have too many new fabric collections I'm eyeing, and because Scarlet's room is going ultra-girley, I've listed this quilt for sale.  If you know someone looking for a gender neutral quilt, you can send 'em my way. :)

Saturday, August 4, 2012

makes the world go round

Pin It For a baby born this week. :)  A little Love...

baby quilts WIP

I used Kelly's Wonky Alphabet again (this time in full size letters -- I did modify the E to a capital E though)...

The baby's bedding set is made with Dena Designs' Kumari Garden, so I bought some of the medallions print, and went from there.  I think I'll put her name on the back... we'll see!

Scarlet and I are fighting colds, so I haven't had tons of energy, but I'm hoping to get a late night in here soon and finish up a bunch of these baby quilt WIPS. :)  I've actually been watching TV lately (yes, the Olympics) -- and it's been so nice!  I never watch TV, so it's been kind of relaxing.  But back to something productive! ;)

P.S. Go link up with this month's "Just Three" :)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Just Three - August... and some thoughts

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It's the first week of the month!  
That means, time to check in, report, and link up!

traceyjay quilts

If you're new, here's how it works --
1) Pick three quilty-type goals for the month.  OF COURSE you can do more than three things, and there is no gestapo to come check in on you if you decide to alter your course, it's really just meant to be fun, and maybe give a little direction/report.

2) Blog about it!  Reflect and report on the previous month, and then set course with what's coming.

3) Come link up during the first week of the month, and please link back here in your post. :)  (There's a button over on the side margin)

P.S. The winner from last month's custom charm pack giveaway is lucky #13 -- Alidiza!
P.P.S I read all the links -- but sometimes am nursing or holding a little girlie, and don't have a free hand to type comments!


Report/Reflect - 

Last month's goals:

1) Get Penny Candy done!  (You can go enter to win a free copy of the pattern here)

Pattern is done!  Sadly, quilt top still isn't quilted.  I think I'm going to have to be brave and just do it myself!

2) Finish curtains for kiddos' rooms, and a couple other pretty little projects.  
Scarlet's patchwork panel curtains are done and up hanging in her room!
I have the fabric for Steiger's, but they're not done yet.

3) Make something amazing...

I designed and made a new block that I love, and I made great progress on my chubby stars!


August's "Just Three" --

1) Make some baby quilts (and crib skirts)

I've got this one I want to finish, the triangle one (it's really close), and these ones too.  Maybe I'll come up with one more, just for fun.

for baby Soren WIP

quick little project

2) Make something amazing that I plan to write the pattern for.

I'm thinking either the glassy quilt, or my new idea.

3)  Make the Treasure Boxes quilt (for the Treasure Boxes quilt along!)

Treasure Boxes Quilt Along button

(Can I tell you that I won't be able to enter my paypal info fast enough when Out to Sea is released?)


OK, now some questions I've wanted to ask, and some thoughts I've just wanted to say out loud (and hear your thoughts)

First -- thoughts on sneak peeks of patterns?  Do you like to see the WIP/progress shots?  Is it annoying and would you rather I just wait until it's all done?

For me, the reality is that sometimes it's a long time between having the idea, and getting the pattern published.  We only have one computer, and my husband likes to use it in the evenings (when we have more free time).  And if I didn't show the progress shots, my blog would be even more quiet than it is.

What do you guys think?  I blog because I like to connect with kindred spirits... so it seems kind of sad not to show progress shots, but it seems like that's what people do... hmmm...

Also, Jolene brought it up yesterday, but I've been wanting to share some thoughts on patterns anyway.  Just because I suppose.

How I see quilt patterns, copyright, and all that jazz...

When I buy a pattern, I see it as thinking the design is great, and not wanting to take the time to figure it out myself.  Most patterns I CAN figure out, but don't necessarily want to spend the time it would take to to do so.  So I buy the pattern.  Even if I never make the quilt, I read the pattern, and have learned something about block construction, patterns, and different techniques.

I appreciate free patterns and tutorials, and definitely share some around here, but because I don't have a sponsored blog, and don't feel that I generate enough material (let's be real here -- I also don't want the pressure of being paid to blog -- this is my FUN TIME!  Do I love free fabric?  Unequivocally, but I want this space to be mine... and I just don't have the time to do enough blogging and the like to be sponsored -- It would feel like pressure!)  Tutorials take a lot of time, and time is something I'm kind of short on these days.

Anyway -- 
I am not under any delusion that a design in a quilt is "mine" or even new and original.  There's nothing new in quilting really.  When I was researching copyrights on quilt patterns, I found that you actually only copyright the pattern (directions, etc.) when you publish a quilt pattern, and not the design of the quilt.  I feel really comfortable with that.  I wouldn't feel comfortable trying to claim a design as my own, but the math and the directions and the figuring -- those I did.  

So I basically see buying a quilt pattern as paying someone for their time to figure it up (and also saving a bunch of mine).  

We all know that quilting is an expensive habit.  Writing and selling patterns is my attempt to help fund that hobby... because as cute as these little people are, they don't pay very well... at least not in the kind of currency that allows me to buy more fabric. :)  

(I'll try not to spend your college tuition in fabric... ♥)

Linking to Lee's!  (which is hosted by my friend Katie this week!  Yea Katie!)
And Lynne's Fresh Sewing Day! 
OK -- enough blabbing!  Link up! (and comment)

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced  

Lily's Quilts


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