Sunday, January 25, 2009

Finally picked crib and bedding

Pin It We got to go to a fancy-pants baby store yesterday, and picked out the bedding and the crib. :)

We ordered the bedding, but I will order the crib in the morning.
It was very cute.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My proof of the third trimester

Pin It Here I am at 26 weeks...

The up and outs...

Pin It Holy third trimester Batman!

Since last week, life for me has changed significantly. It is weird how closely it coincided with my dates... even though it shouldn't be.

I go on walks now, and it is contraction after contraction after contraction... like crazy! They're just Braxton-Hicks, but still -- bizarre. Don't worry, I have talked to my doc, and I'm just not allowed to walk for long time at once. I usually just take the dog for about 20 minutes.

Putting on my shoes is a major chore. I can't bend over my belly, and my arms are too short! I get very out of breath from the whole ordeal, and have to laugh at myself.

I've developed something of a 4:30 am routine. I have to tinkle for the 3rd or 4th time, but then I can't get back to sleep. Two nights ago, I woke up crying... and I have no idea why. Jay let me snuggle over by him, which calmed me back down rather quickly. Then last night, my shoulders and arms were falling asleep so bad. So I went and got a fuzzy blanket, put it on the floor, and with pillows to prop up my hip and arm, did a half on my stomach-half on my side pose for the rest of the night. I fell back asleep pretty quickly thankfully.

This Sunday, we will have our first Bradley class. The teacher is also a certified doula who has offered her services with the class tuition; I am very grateful for this opportunity, should we decide we like her and the idea of extra-support come d-day. I've been working on all the stretches, with the helpful reminders of Jay. He is taking his "coach" role quite seriously. :)

We made a new addition to our driveway as well... much to my surprise. We went to "look" on Sunday, and came home with a new Veracruz. It was in our budget thankfully... it looks like the bottom one here, but silver (not my favorite color). I must say, I LOVE the seat warmers. :)


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