Wednesday, June 27, 2012

WIP Wednesday - foofy and girley

Pin It In case Scarlet is a tom-boy when she advances her verbal skills, I'm taking this opportunity to make her world the epitome of sweetsey.  Cutesy, sweetsey, pretty, and with lots of pink.

This includes her new crib sheet made from one of my favorite prints from Chez Moi's Sophie (and it goes with the Chenille quilt I just finished).  I used Angela's crib sheet tutorial, and it worked really well -- I might shorten the length a little when I make another (because she obviously needs more crib sheets). ;)

new crib sheet

The best part about this crib sheet -- I was worried that the print was a little too busy for a crib sheet, and I should have gone with something more basic, but she loves to look at the flowers when she wakes up.  No tears if Mommy is a little slow!

new crib sheet

I wanted a patchwork wall in Scarlet's room, but I decided I'd use the best feature of the room -- the bay windows -- and make patchwork panel curtains instead.

Scarlet's patchwork curtains WIP

I used, again, the prettiest, girliest, sweetsiest fabrics I could (most of them repeats from this WIP), and I've got one of them done (well, except for the hem at the bottom).  

one down!

I'm really pleased, but haven't figured out how to capture them well in a photo.  I was really nervous (I cut over 140 10" squares!), but I do love how they turned out (at least in person).  All three panels are pieced, and I need to line and band.  The only thing I think I'd change is I wish I'd have done black-out liner, but I already had this stuff on hand, and didn't want to spend any more money.


The other project I'm working on for her room are some pretty fabric poofs inspired by this mobile I saw on etsy.  I've got one poof done!  

pretty poof

I love it.  I will post a tutorial as part of Angela's Sew-Less Summer series (or you can find them on pinterest).  

I have deliberated and deliberated over Scarlet's room -- it has so many incongruent elements (most of them leftover from Steiger's room) I'm trying to tie together in to something fresh, soft, sweet, and pretty... in the end, I had to just go with what I know and love -- fabric, of course. ;)  I'll re-paint the walls when I get the other features finished, to create a great back drop.  I'm just hoping it all works. :)

Other stuff: 

Quilt tops awaiting quilting:

2) Penny Candy baby
5) Baby Hunky Dory (done!)
9) Baby triangles (almost done!)

Need more piecing:

4) (I'm sure there are many more -- but these are my priorities)

Awaiting blogging:
2) Big French Kisses (it's on our bed!, and I've got paper patterns in hand to list!)

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Sweet Sophie Chenille

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My Scarlet turned 8 months old last week!

8 months old

No, I can't believe it. :)

She's sweeter than sweet, and adorable too.

I made her this quilt (the girl is going to have a hope chest full of quilts before she moves out, I'm sure...I'm just going with it).

Sophie Chenille quilt

I paired charm squares from the Sophie by Chez Moi collection with squares of chenille.  I did use a 3/8" seam allowance, because the bumpy edges of the chenille are a little trickier.  I just made half-square triangles and arranged them in what I believe is called the Dutch windmill design.  (It's one of my favorite HST lay-outs).

After auditioning a bunch of different fabrics, I went with more chenille for the border. 

And it's so soft.

The borders were whatever width would make it so I could use one WOF for the backing.  It's just one of my favorite prints from the collection.

back of Sophie Chenille

The selvages are still in there... that's how close of a fit this was.

I used a pretty little pink houndstooth for the binding.

soft binding

Speaking of binding -- I LOVE binding with a chenille border.  You just sew the binding to the front, flip to the back and machine stitch it down.  All your stitching on the front disappears in to the chenille (it's actually why I like to use chenille for a border like here and here).

It's a very pretty quilt in all... but not as pretty as this girl.


Now if you'll indulge my mommy side for a moment; I'm going to take this opportunity to record a bit about my girl.

8 months old

Scarlet -- everyone tells you how cute you are, and I agree, but really you are just so sweet.

You have started talking to us a lot more.  Chatty, chatty, chatty -- this kind of scares your father.

You make lots of happy little sing-songy sounds when you chat.  Sometimes you get squealy and sing in a very high pitch.  Your brother likes to talk back to you when you do this; he calls it your happy talk.

You scoot around the room just like your brother did... the good 'ol army crawl.

Mama dresses you in pink all the time.  I alternate between calling you peaches & cream, or strawberries & cream.

Steiger still adores you.  He calls you "Little Missy." ♥
Daddy calls you "Special Ghost," and Mommy calls you "Smile Box," "Sweet girl," and a number of other little endearing terms.

Except when you first wake in the morning, and you're quite hungry, you give me the biggest little grin every time you see me.  Your mouth goes out like a line, and you get even cheekier.

The neckline or strap of my shirt is your "blankie" when you fall asleep.  You lay your head on my chest, put your thumb in your mouth, and grip my shirt in your hand.  Mama always says that rocking you to sleep is therapy in its highest form.

You always suck your left thumb.

8 months old

You are an amazing little eater.  Mama breaks little bits of pretty much everything on your tray, and you get both hands in on the action.  And can I tell you how much I love that you're not picky?  Thank you baby.  It is however, impossible to eat anything while I'm holding you, because you yell until I share.

You share your mama's obsession with Pirate's Booty (see first picture).

You yell now to get attention.  It's a very staccato little "Meep!" and "Mop!"  I usually just laugh.

You also growl.  I love the growls.  So does Steiger... he tries to figure out how to make you growl.  I think it's for you to say, "hey, watch it." ;)

You wave your arms when you're excited.  You hadn't seen Daddy for a couple days this week, and saw him just before bed last night... you yelled for him, smiled, waved your arms... you clearly missed him.  He felt very special.

You raise your arms above your head, and make little fists.  You usually give some kind of punctuated shout.  We call it your "fists of fury."

You sit on my lap, content, for the longest time.  It's amazing really.

Scarlet -- each day, I am more and more happy to be your mama.

Between you, and this big guy here (who insists that he's a "little boy and doesn't want to get big," I am blessed indeed.

Steiger man

We love you both to bits!

Sophie chenille

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

WIP Wednesday - my "glassy" quilt

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I always feel so proud of myself when I have a WIP Wednesday and it's actually ON a Wednesday. :)

But this one makes me almost giddy.

I first showed you I was working on this here, and I've got it half-way done now!

glassy panes WIP

I'd be lying if I didn't say this quilt came with its issues...

I cut a gazillion charms (see below), and made it up part-way, and then realized I needed to modify the size slightly in order to make my "grout" line up perfectly.  (Thank you Ali for helping me figure out that one!)

But well, when I say I had a gazillion charm squares ALREADY cut, I knew I didn't want to re-do it (took forever).  So I just cut some more at the right size, and then used... wait for it... paper piecing.

Gah!  I don't paper piece (I hate tearing all those little bits after I'm done, and it's all backwards for this not very spatially aware brain), but I had to.  There are A LOT of 1/8" seam allowances in there.  On linen.

Speaking of linen -- WHAT was I thinking using linen on something that needed this precision?  I should have gone with a faux quilting cotton linen...

At least it's pretty -- especially when the light shines through it backwards.

glassy panes WIP

This quilt is slow going, because I don't have any design wall space, and have to make a design floor... which doesn't always go well...


(she takes after her brother)

With some creativity, and a couple good naps, I did get this much sewn together. :)

glassy panes WIP

I'm considering making this a pattern, but I'll have to make a few more changes to make it truly charm-square friendly (and not just the tricky 1/8" seam allowance version I have up there... I just don't see a huge market demand for a pattern with a 1/8" seam) ;)


Other stuff -- 

Quilt tops awaiting quilting:

2) Penny Candy baby

Need more piecing:

3) Glassy panes
4) (I'm sure there are many more -- but these are my priorities)

Awaiting blogging:
3) Big French Kisses (it's on our bed!)

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P.S. I'll be giving away this custom bundle of charms from my glassy panes project for July's "Just Three!"  So be thinking about your top three goals for next month, blog about it (or comment for those who don't have a blog), and enter to win these 50 charms!  (it's a pretty magnificent bundle...though I might be biased since I picked them myself) ;)  Look for July's "Just Three" the first week of next month!  And no, I am not above bribery... just ask my three year old. 

Monday, June 11, 2012

On day 1

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The #1 craziest, busiest time of the year has started for us, but I am determined to make it as wonderful as it can possibly be.

So today, while we were thinking of Daddy (out in the hot sun wearing a tyvex suit hoisting around 50 gallon barrels from 5 am until 9 pm... sorry, I digress... we...

- Watered the new garden (we planted really late this year, but better late than never!  You can get away with this when you live in CA)

- got dressed up in our Halloween costume and insisted Mommy call us "Buddy"
Hi Buddy!

- made some cookies dough

- got tired out and took a nap in our costume (is this not the sweetest thing)...

Buddy was tired

- had a quilty photo shoot (more coming soon)

8 months old

- ran in the sprinkler in our undies



We got baths, and fed, and Daddy had dinner ready when he got home.
And I managed to sew 1/2 of a seam... so about 4 1/2" of sewing today. :)

All in all, Day 1 of crazy season was a success. 

Here's to many more, and Daddy having a supernatural ability to keep cool and rested.


(Wait... did I say many more -- I meant not too many more, and may they pass quickly).

Amen again.

Monday, June 4, 2012

June's Just Three!

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Here's my recap:

1) Finish Penny Candy quilt and pattern. :)

Quilt top is done in big and baby version -- BUT -- my quilter is about to have her hands even fuller with a new sweet babe... so I'm gonna wait a bit.  

But here's a link to where you can find the fabric requirements if it looks like something you'll love.  I *might* publish the pattern before I get the quilt back... we'll see.

2) Finish quilts for photographer swap and get pictures of the kiddos done!  (I also need to get #1 done, so maybe I can get professional pics of the quilt top at the same time... this sounds like a great idea to me) ;)

I have the second quilt basted (big thank you to Kelly for her spray basting video tutorial... SO much faster!)

I actually basted all of these quilts in progress, and can't wait to get them quilted! :)

It was challenging for me to do, but for the second quilt, I gave her my "If it's a boy" quilt.  It was the quilt I made while pregnant with Scarlet (since we decided not to peak until she made her grand entrance in to the world)... and I had an irrational attachment to the quilt, because in my mind, I had made it for one of my babies (though there was never a boy in there)... 

"If it's a boy" quilt

I made myself feel better by telling myself that the quilt will live on in the pictures of many new little newborn babes, and I will have the satisfaction of beautiful pictures of my family to keep.  (It did make it easier).  I can't wait to see the pictures!

3) Make some bags.  Michelle has a new pattern coming soon, and I'm going to make one for my future SIL, and maybe one for me too.  And maybe a couple Mother's Day gifts...we'll see how it goes around here. 

I cut the fabric for 3 bags, and made one of them.  And didn't get a picture of it, because I finished it at midnight and had to be at the bridal shower the next morning  (1 1/2 hours away).


Now for June's goals: 

1) Quilt those three quilts I basted.  (I am tempted to leave my goal at this honestly... but I will go on). 

2) Make window coverings for my baby's new rooms (I'm thinking ruffles for Scarlet, and colorblock for Steiger).

3) Work on, or don't work on whatever best helps my sanity.  This is our busiest month of the year -- even busier than planting -- and if I get through without a complete meltdown, I will be proud proud proud.  I'm a Mom first... and will be working to show my babes how much I adore them.  (And make sure my husband is fed... but I won't really be seeing much of him, so I'll adore him next month). ;)

Thanks for playing along!

Go ahead and link up! :)  I love seeing your reports! 


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