Friday, June 19, 2009

What I do during the day

Pin It Steiger wakes up somewhere between 1 and 5 am (I always like 5 am)...
- I feed him
- I hope he falls back to sleep easily...

If he doesn't, I sacrifice myself to keep him quiet so Jay can sleep while he chomps away on his favorite human pacifier.

I hope the sleep comes soon.

If it doesn't, I can no longer sacrifice self, so I take him to go change him or something. Or we go talk on the changing table, while I am dreaming of sleep. He smiles, and I can't help myself... I smile back and we talk for a while.

We start our day somewhere around 6-8 am. One morning he let me sleep 'til 9. He got LOTS of kisses that day. :)

Sometimes I let him have tummy time while I take a 5 minute shower. Other mornings, we just play. I put him in his swing while I grab breakfast, and then we hang out until he starts to get fussy. Then he fusses for a while, usually in his carrier, until he either falls asleep, or I feed him again.

And this is what we do.

Sometimes he naps; sometimes he doesn't. His sleep at night, even though I try to be consistent, isn't.

I beg him to nap, then when he does, I miss him.

Dinner is always an adventure. Yesterday I made dinner at 1 pm, while he was sleeping, so that I could make sure it was ready when Jay got home.

I let him sleep on me at least once a day, but this often backfires, because he smells me if he stirs, and thinks he needs to eat again. So I lay him down, and leave the room.

The hair dryer still calms him down like magic.
I block the sun from his eyes when we go outside.
Each night, I still try to give him his massage after his bath, but he's usually already ready for his next meal (even though it's only been about 1/2 hour since he previously ate), so he wiggles through some lotion, and we sing songs for a bit, and if Jay is home, he and Steiger watch TV for a bit.
Steiger talks to the dog on his crib bedding set. And he talks to the ceiling fan.
He's getting really good at holding up his head, particularly after I lay him down at 3 am, hoping he will sleep. He doesn't, but he makes me laugh because he's so stinking cute.

Anyway, I'm off to watch him sleep for a few minutes, because I can hear him stirring, and he's precious when he wakes up with a smile.


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