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Everyday Oils ~ U.S.

Last year (2013), I discovered Young Living essential oils because I wanted a way to treat illnesses and such in my house without needing antibiotics or other over-the-counter meds. And I love them more and more all the time.

Plant medicine

I use oils everyday now. Here are a just a few of my personal uses:
- The diffuser with Thieves has brought down my kids' fevers each time I put it next to them for nap/bedtime (in fact, my kids have not needed ibuprofen or Tylenol for a fever or cold since I've got the oils!)
- I was pretty dependent on unisom for sleeping, and only use lavender oil now. It's been over 6 months since I've needed extra help sleeping!
- During a difficult time for my family and I, I found that 2 drops of lavender + 2 drops of DiGize in a capsule stopped my anxiety attacks in 8 minutes. Frankincense and lemon became an amazing mood lifter.
- Speaking of DiGize - when the tummy flu hit our house this winter, it only got my son once. I reapplied DiGize and Peppermint to his tummy any time it was sore, and gave the rest of us Thieves and DiGize as a precaution. No one else got it, but my poor brother and his son were sick for 3 days! They finally called me for oils and he said, "I think you might have something here."
- My husband, who is prone to migraines and headaches no longer needs to take Excedrin for days at a time. He either uses just Peppermint and PanAway, or only needs one dose of the meds with the oils.

I love my oils and though I'm not really selling them, I am working as a sponsor to help support people getting started and help find resources, and I'm also happy to add oils on to my personal order if there are any they would like to try. Signing up as a distributor doesn't mean you have to sell anything, but you do have the option if you'd like to work as a sponsor as well.

(I have a few graphics you can check out too in my flickr album)

Premium Starter Kit

The starter kit, is amazing. It is a $300 value that is available to wholesale members for $150. If you buy a premium starter kit, you get this wonderful group of 11 of the most popular and useful oils and also access to wholesale pricing (Wholesale is 24% off retail; a $50 order/year keeps your wholesale membership active with no other obligations -- you don't have to sell or place minimum orders or anything else!) The diffuser is ultrasonic and pretty too!

Starter Kit + Everyday Oils + Aroma Diffuser - U.S.


If you would like to try any oils, just email me at Sharing my discount makes about 10% off for you + $2/oil to ship.

To sign up for a premium kit and wholesale pricing, use this link, and I'd love to be your sponsor! My number is 1586161 -- just put that in the sponsor and enroller spaces. That means I'm available to help with resources, and you'll be added to our facebook group if you'd like to be where you can ask questions and share testimonials from other oil users.

I chose Young Living because of their 20 years of experience in therapeutic essential oils, and Seed to Seal promise.

The more I use essential oils, and learn about them, the more I love them! #getbacktothegarden #plantmedicineiscool

Free book to new members!

Feel free to ask questions if you're curious! I'd love to help! :) I also get a book for new members! You can choose between The Quick Reference Guide for Essential Oils, The Healing Oils of the Bible, or Gentle Babies.


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Unknown said...

We all love nature right? i usually use Essential oil diffuser for my house. it's really good for my health


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