Sunday, October 27, 2013

Roundhouse is ready! (And Festival and sale!)

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If you're stopping by from the Blogger's Quilt Festival - Welcome!

I forgot that one could make two entries in to the festival, and so, Rendezvous was my first, and I decided this will be my second (since I got the pattern finished this weekend).

I blogged about this quilt before, so many of you have undoubtedly already seen it, but if not, here is my Roundhouse.


This quilt is special to me for a few reasons.

1) It was my first ever magazine published quilt.
I work part-time as a pattern editor with American Quilter magazine, and happily, they liked this design of mine enough to publish it!

My Roundhouse!

(This is the cover of the issue, with Amy's gorgeous Spinning Wheels)

Aug/Sept American Quilter

2) It was my all Anna Maria spectrum quilt (a quilt on my bucket list, that I'd been wanting to make after meeting the lovely Mrs. Horner).


It was so indulgent working with so many of her prints together!

AMH rainbow!

and 3) It lives on my couch and served as part of a fort today.

(I should have got a picture).

This is a wonderfully fun quilt to piece, whether you go scrappy or high contrast. (You can see more options of the design in my original post about it). The quilt uses a basic house-shaped piece and half-square triangles, without any Y-seams.

I even have an acrylic template available to make for easier cutting.

Roundhouse template

72" square
Made by me with all Anna Maria Horner fabrics
Quilted by Lindsay Széchényi at
Pattern available here.
Pattern and template available here.
Linked to the ROYGBIV quilts at the Festival.

Use code: FallFestival for 20% off everything in my pattern shop through November 1.
(Including brand new Rendezvous pattern)

Thank you for visiting!

I do love this quilt. ♥


Friday, October 25, 2013

Rendezvous - Bloggers' Festival quilt, new pattern, and sale!

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Happy Bloggers' Quilt Festival!

Introducing Rendezvous.

Photo credit:

I love this quilt design. And I love the fabric it's made with.

It was born from a picture of a rug I saw that I thought would make a cool quilt. So I sketched it out, and figured out how to make it work with half-rectangle triangles, some rectangles, and the interplay of two different blocks.

It has sort of a "Comings and Goings" feel -- which is why I named it Rendezvous.

A while back, artist Melissa Ybarra of Iza Pearl design caught me gushing over her fabric. She left a little email, and I replied with, "hey! If you ever need someone to play with your fabric, I've usually got a few designs in the works."

And lucky me, she had a new line coming out, and got it to me just in the knick of time. :)
Her new line is called "Garden Party Tango," for Windham fabrics and the colors are bright and beautiful, with very fun designs, but the hand of the fabric was also exceptional. Melissa tells me she's not (yet) a seamstress, but she or someone sure picked a really nice base-cloth. (It's very similar to Art Gallery and Michael Miller's Cotton Couture).

Garden Party Tango

This quilt is designed around six different types of fabric for the main blocks - the white/light, a "neutral," a medium, dark, stripe, and focal print (those are the rectangular shaped pieces). It lends itself really easily to a more cohesive or scrappy fabric selection, as well as gives lots of room for playing with value, texture, color, and style.

photo credit:

I was really in a hurry to get this quilt finished and shipped to Melissa in time, so I did a quick free motion loop which you can see in this picture with this very dapper little lad (who does not belong to me). 

The Three_izapearl_448
photo credit:

I've got the pattern nearly finished, finished now, including directions to make this quilt in three sizes (a baby 48" square, throw 72" square - which is featured here, and a big queen or even king at 96" square). The pattern includes templates to show where to notch your half-rectangle triangles so they come together easily, is fully diagrammed, and of course includes my trademark coloring page so you can plan your own. 

You can get it nowand I will email the PDF to you by October 29, 2013. 
I will be printing some paper copies as well for wholesale distribution, but will wait until after Quilt Market to see how many I will need. 

My apologies for not having the pattern already ready... we just finished harvest. In fact, this was the only really fast picture in the early morning light I got. So thank you Melissa for sending pictures!

Rendezvous finished top crop

To make up for it, I'm also having a sale on everything. (Check out all available PDF patterns here) Use code "FallFestival" through November 1 to get 20% off everything. Including templates. Because I also just got my Roundhouse pattern ready to go (also available as a pre-sale). 

I hope you love this quilt and the pattern and have fun seeing all the other quilts at the Festival (or at Market if you're lucky enough to go!)

Code: FallFestival for 20% off

And no worries -- all proceeds go right back in to the quilting industry. ;)

Thank you for stopping by!

Here's hoping we "rendezvous" again soon! ;)

Rendezvous cover pro


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

WIP Wednesday: more treasure boxes

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I have another custom quilt I'm working on.
In purples, with a splash of aqua and yellow.

This will be a slightly modified Treasure Boxes design, where I plan to off-set the rows and I sized the blocks to finish at 11" each. The little owner of this quilt will be turning two shortly after Scarlet, so I need to hurry!

DSC_0455-1 blog

I caught my little lady trying to help me finish it up. :)


It's still harvest time here, and the harvesters keep breaking down (sad!)... so it's been a little stressful around here. I do what most quilters do when they get stressed -- buckle down and finish something... pull pretty fabric and start something new!

fun pull

At the retreat I went on a couple weeks ago, Amanda let me sleep with her velveteen backed quilt. And I needed one of my own. ♥

No idea on the design yet... got any suggestions? I want it to be a wintery quilt... hmmm...

Linking to Lee's!
and listening to this.


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