Thursday, May 22, 2014

Steiger turned five

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(his birthday was actually April 10 -- I am a little late on this...)

Oh my Steiger Jay. (his name rhymes with "Tiger," by the way)...

I really like being your mama. At this moment, you are battling a mylar balloon we got you for your birthday, telling me how great your fighting skills are.

There are many things about you that are very stereo-typically "boy" (as pictured in the Iron Viking costume above). While I was typing, you put down the balloon, and climbed in to the chair with your sister, surrounded by pillows and quilts. You two are chatting about something. You are an excellent brother.

For your birthday, I gave you a "yes" day. The rules were that as long as you were being nice, I'd say yes to your requests. You had pretzels for breakfast, PB & J for lunch, and dinner, at your request, was "chicken, rice, crunchy carrots, cheese, and pizza for dessert." We changed pizza to ice cream and Dad pulled down a candle off the mantle to light. I wanted to ask you what your wish was. :)

All morning, you watched videogame walkthroughs on youtube. I think MineCraft battles is what you were on. I make you mute the volume, because some of the people who do videogame walkthroughs, even for kids' games, do not have the nicest language. You then love to tell your dad and I all about the "mods."

When we took you to your friend Jack's farm a few days ago, you didn't really show your farmer's boy roots... You were squeamish of moving the chicks, and your dad can't get you to grab worms. I will take the blame for those genes my dear boy... along with a few others. BUT, you sure do know how to play. You guys ran, and squealed, and poured water down the slide.

You love to be squirted and play games. You're actually very, very good at playing games with other kids. So conscientious. Almost too conscientious at times... when we were watching the pigs, you were more concerned with making sure the smaller kids didn't get too close to the electric fence than you were with watching the piggies. ♥ You notice everything and care mucho.

You and your sister are best friends. And it is my greatest joy.
I love snuggling you, listening to you, going on "dates," and being your mama. You are an exceptional boy my Steiger, and we all love you.

Your birthday Interview
Nicknames: "I don't have any nicknames" (with a name like Steiger, who needs 'em, right?)

How old are you? 5

What is your favorite color? Red

What is your favorite animal? Bears

What is your favorite book? Creepy books

What is your favorite TV show? Power Rangers (He also loves Wild Kratts)

What is your favorite movie? Star Wars

What is your favorite song? "I don't have a favorite song"

What is your favorite food? Rice (now that's fitting)

What is your favorite drink? Milk

What is your favorite snack? Pretzels

What is your favorite outfit? Black

What is your favorite game? Star Wars on the Wii and computer

What is your favorite toy? "I don't have a favorite toy"

Who is your best friend? Cooper (his cousin)

What is your favorite thing to do? Snuggle (for real... you see why I love him so much?)

What is your favorite thing to do outside? Running and squirting the hose

What is your favorite holiday? "My favorite holiday is Christmas"

What do you like to take to bed with you at night? Bears

Where is your favorite place to go? Cooper's house

What is your favorite restaurant? "the toy restaurants"

Where do you want to go on vacation? to the beach.

What do you want to be when you grow up? a police man 

What did you do on your birthday? go bowling


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