Wednesday, October 24, 2012

WIP Wednesday - why not?

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Since I'm up at 2 am (my tummy was bugging me -- all should be well again soon I hope), I figured I might as well WIP Wednesday it up as well (I thought my husband might appreciate that more than me filling up some virtual cart somewhere and not having the sense to realize that I really don't need it before clicking through -- you're welcome Honey... actually, you owe Lee for giving me a task...)

What I really WANT to be doing is finishing quilting this.

kicking the quilt's proverbial ace

I know, I know... I want to sing songs to it too.

And yes, it kills my back and shoulders to quilt like this (I'm typically a straight shooter), but really... favorite quilt needed favorite quilting too.
If only long-arm set-ups didn't cost thousands of dollars...I digress again.  I used the "clams" all over design from Natalia's book.

What I am doing instead is --
- finishing up a little dress for Scarlet that I really really want to have done by her birthday pictures on Thursday!
- finishing up a little photo backdrop I'm making for the photographer as barter for those birthday photos
- trying to write a pattern for my new "Cosmic" quilt (grrr to learning new programs by mucking through them!)*
- trying to chase the mice out of the house.  I'm over-sharing here, but hey -- it's 2 am.  First rain of the year... they think they need to move in.  gah!  Thankfully our little mutt of a dog is half-beagle and alerts us to their presence by stalking random corners of the house.  She literally went in to hunting mode the day before the rain hit (smart little creatures -- I just don't want them in my house!  I think I hear one now running behind the stove!)  #countrylivingforyour  #notmyfirstruninwithrodents

And yes -- of course my big hero of a husband gets up to check the traps before I do.  Sensitive stomach and all.

You wanna see Scarlet's new favorite facial expression before I go?

She now does this -- all the time... she says "ooooohhhh..." like she's already practicing her sweet princess like reactions.

little Scarlet

I actually do sing songs to her.

*If you're a fairly savvy piecer (intermediate level -- no Y seams but does require cutting from templates) and would like to test a block for me that does not yet have full directions typed up (you're basically testing my templates), shoot me an email and I'll get you some templates.

Love you to you all!  I'm back to bed now and
Linking to Lee's! ♥
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Toni said...

What a great little face! I'm sure you're aware of this already, but that quilt is gonna rock! Sorry about the rodents...

Unknown said...

I hope you feel better. Scarlett sure is a cutie pie. I will test templates for you if you would like.

Melia Mae Quilting said...

Your quilt is looking awesome and I like the clam shell quilting!

Rebecca said...


Our old house had mice (rats). And let me tell you, (I think!) I would take country mice over urban rats anyway. Although no rodents would be best. It is especially creepy to hear them when one is up at night, alone.

Kelsey said...

lovelovelove your pickle dish :)

Anonymous said...

she is so cute

kat129 said...

is that a DWR? or a pickle dish? either way your quilting looks gorgeous.

Pieces to Love said...

I wish I had time to test out your patterns. I just started piecing my 3rd and final quilt that I need to get done by Christmas. I hope I can get all 3 quilted by then as well.

Marian-Lady Face said...

Lovely! And I need to get that book. My fmq-ing could use some work...

If you need a pattern tester I'd be more than willing and happy to be one!!

Tamara Hampton said...

oh i know on the mice. I used to live next to a hay meadow and every time they mowed i battled them! We have moved to the houston and my dachshund was digging in the grass yesterday and one ran out from where he was digging! lol i had a delayed scream.

I would love to test your templates. no typed instructions is good cuz i dont follow directions well anyway! lol. Just let me know.

Marla said...

The quilting is looking good plus you are getting your exercise so that's awesome.

I'd be happy to pattern test

Cille said...

Hope you feel better alrwady. Being up ar 2am stinks in every possible way - especially with two young kids and in the harvest time. Scarlet looks so cute. It is the sweetest age really, isn't it?

I would love to test for you if living abroad is not an issue.

Kirsten said...

Your quilting is so lovely!

Katie B said...

The quilting is gorgeous! So is little Miss S.

Unknown said...

The quilt looks amazing and Scarlet just keeps getting cuter and cuter by the minute!


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