Monday, October 22, 2012

Treasure Boxes - Quilt Top

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So... don't know how that happened, but I thought that THIS week was two weeks from my last set of Treasure Boxes directions... it's actually been three!  Sorry about that (sheepish face).  This is harvest as I've mentioned, and it's been 7 weeks since my hubby had a day off (he had most of today off due to rain...which is a mixed blessing for sure, since they're still not done with their last field, but it was good to see him!)

Anyway -- I digress.

Our most recent installment had us piecing block quadrants in to blocks.

The charm size has twenty blocks and the fat quarter size has twelve blocks.

This week -- Arrange them all pretty-like and sew 'em together in rows.
Press seams in opposite direction when joining rows if you like nesting seams (I do).

Nothing fancy with the border... I actually figured on a 5" border for both of them.  Normally I wouldn't do that, but ironically, it feels balanced on both (to me at least -- feel free to adjust as you see best!).

Here are the directions for adding the border! (You can find a pdf here)

Treasure boxes adding borders copy

My apologies for being late.  ♥

Feel free to work ahead -- we'll be linking up finished and donated Treasure Boxes quilts for prizes from Julie at Intrepid Thread on the week of the U.S. Thanksgiving (which is the week of November 18).  So you have about a month to finish!


Other than doing my mommy duties, I was very busy with an exciting surprise project I mentioned to you before... 

Lots of binding (which I finished thanks to this favorite new to me show)...

binding, binding, binding

But I got it finished, and had to take it out to the field to get a decent picture (which I'll show you in a couple days!)

My parents held it up for me before driving off...

Harvester and bankout

Here's a little peek.

"Cosmic" quilt sneak peek

I will sigh audibly when I get my email from Laura saying that it's in her hot little hands and up in her booth (I mailed it last week). :)

(You can see a couple of the other quilts my quilt will be hanging out with in Houston on Laura's blog.)


♥Duff said...

Love it all--quilts and harvest!
Congratulations on the Gunn quilt--I'm excited for you! Can't wait to see the whole thing!

pinksuedeshoe said...

Lovely. As usual. Can't wait to see a full body shot of that quilt! (hehe)

Kristie said...

Glad Laura has the quilt! It's lovely, you done good :)

Poppyprint said...

I cannot wait to see that quilt!!! Love, Love, Love her poppy prints (of course!).


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