Wednesday, June 13, 2012

WIP Wednesday - my "glassy" quilt

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I always feel so proud of myself when I have a WIP Wednesday and it's actually ON a Wednesday. :)

But this one makes me almost giddy.

I first showed you I was working on this here, and I've got it half-way done now!

glassy panes WIP

I'd be lying if I didn't say this quilt came with its issues...

I cut a gazillion charms (see below), and made it up part-way, and then realized I needed to modify the size slightly in order to make my "grout" line up perfectly.  (Thank you Ali for helping me figure out that one!)

But well, when I say I had a gazillion charm squares ALREADY cut, I knew I didn't want to re-do it (took forever).  So I just cut some more at the right size, and then used... wait for it... paper piecing.

Gah!  I don't paper piece (I hate tearing all those little bits after I'm done, and it's all backwards for this not very spatially aware brain), but I had to.  There are A LOT of 1/8" seam allowances in there.  On linen.

Speaking of linen -- WHAT was I thinking using linen on something that needed this precision?  I should have gone with a faux quilting cotton linen...

At least it's pretty -- especially when the light shines through it backwards.

glassy panes WIP

This quilt is slow going, because I don't have any design wall space, and have to make a design floor... which doesn't always go well...


(she takes after her brother)

With some creativity, and a couple good naps, I did get this much sewn together. :)

glassy panes WIP

I'm considering making this a pattern, but I'll have to make a few more changes to make it truly charm-square friendly (and not just the tricky 1/8" seam allowance version I have up there... I just don't see a huge market demand for a pattern with a 1/8" seam) ;)


Other stuff -- 

Quilt tops awaiting quilting:

2) Penny Candy baby

Need more piecing:

3) Glassy panes
4) (I'm sure there are many more -- but these are my priorities)

Awaiting blogging:
3) Big French Kisses (it's on our bed!)

Linking to Lee's! and Kelly!  QAL

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

P.S. I'll be giving away this custom bundle of charms from my glassy panes project for July's "Just Three!"  So be thinking about your top three goals for next month, blog about it (or comment for those who don't have a blog), and enter to win these 50 charms!  (it's a pretty magnificent bundle...though I might be biased since I picked them myself) ;)  Look for July's "Just Three" the first week of next month!  And no, I am not above bribery... just ask my three year old. 


Jennie {Clover and Violet} said...

I totally know how that goes...Norah loves to crawl on my fabric, especially if there are plenty of other things for her to do! Silas is just as bad too! :) Love your finishes!

Teresa F. said...

I love the way your quilt is looking even if it's only half way done. The fabric is wonderful.
Well done!

Anonymous said...

It's a fantastic pattern. And of course the cutest litle helper.
I have some Moda charmpacks and this would be a great top to use all of them !
I can't participate in the '3' next month, because I have only 1goal : move house! sigh, I'm already exhausted sorting my things in this house, pfft. :-)
Dutch hugs

SD and EJ said...

I LOVE your quilt and would definitely buy a pattern!

Books_Bound said...

Oh my goodness... this is gorgeous! And I can't believe you're using an 1/8" seam. I salute your patience! It looks amazing though.

My goals for the next month are:

1) Finish my "Backyard Baby" baby quilt.
2) Finish my friend's gray, white, and yellow wedding quilt.
3) Make a table runner for my sister-in-law's birthday.

Marian-Lady Face said...

I can't get over how beautiful this's amazing.

jabeybaby said...

Your quilt looks beautiful so far and I would love to buy the pattern when you get those 1/4" seams figured out! :-)

Tara Knight said...

its beautiful, like you said, especially with the light shining through.

Katy Cameron said...

Ooh, that pattern is fab, and so glad you borrowed Scarlet for scale purposes though, it's much larger than I thought!

Needle little Balance said...

I am not a native speaker so I have no idea what a grout line is??? Nevertheless this quilt is sooo beautiful!

Lee said...

Eeee! That is GORGEOUS!! I'm glad you succumbed to the paper piecing, that's the only way to get such precision seams. It looks beautiful! Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )

Erika :: Ollie & Olina said...

Ah yes, my design floor seems to be stepped on all the time too. AND, those grout lines are so worth it!! Amazing quilt!

Katie B said...

Ooh, that does sound like it would induce some hair-pulling! It is gorgeous. Your design floor looks a lot like mine!

Cathy said...

So awesome! Love the way yu have added a twist to the block!!!! The quilt model is especially talented and gorgeous of course!

Fabric Warrior (aka Amie) said...

Wow! Your quilt is beautiful! : ) It is so original. I can't wait to see it once it's all finished.

LuLu said...

Wow Tracey, that quilt is amazing! I think you should definitely write a pattern for it. I think people would snatch it right up! :-)

pinksuedeshoe said...

Fantastic!!! I can't wait to buy this pattern. I LOVE it, so so great! (But I don't do paper piecing either... or 1/8" seam allowances. ;) So great Tracey!

QuiltNut Creations said...

Adding this pattern to my list, it is fantastic!!

Emma said...

I love your quilt. The grout lines really add something special.

Jennifer said...

Reguardless of how much you might want to pull your hair out over this quilt. It is looking fablous! The linen does make the colors pop out.


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