Monday, March 12, 2012

Breakfast at Tiffany's finished quilt - and 5 months big

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My Scarlet turned 5 months old last week.
And I'm taking the opportunity to tell about her, and finally blog about a quilt I finished back in January.

baby girl

I was making Steiger a big boy bed quilt for Christmas (which I still need to blog about), and decided Scarlet needed a quilt for Christmas too.  I had this one basted for over a year, and because I was still on the feeding every 3 hours around the clock schedule with Scarlet, I decided an almost done quilt was the perfect one to finish. :)

Breakfast at Tiffany's finished quilt

I made this quilt by using the "Rob Peter to Pay Paul" die on my Go! Cutter.  (You can read my full review here), and I love this die and design -- but will change a few things when I use it again.  Because I don't pin these curves, all the bias edges stretched a little, and it was difficult to get it to lie truly flat.  I solved this by minimal quilting (just followed the line of the petal shape), but would have done little petals in the print pieces too if I had a smoother surface (maybe spray basting would help this?)  I will make sure to starch the pieces before cutting next time -- I'm thinking that might get things a little more flat.

The back is pretty flowers.

Back of Breakfast at Tiffany's Quilt

It's a beautiful quilt though, and getting a lot of use.  I LOVE the chenille border (and not just because it makes sewing the binding on really easy -- the stitches disappear in to the chenille, so a machine sewn binding is still so pretty).

Breakfast at Tiffany's finished quilt

Now about my little Miss.

5 months big

We took you to the doctor last week Scarlet, and you are 15 lbs, 2 oz, and 26 1/4" tall.  You are actually in the 90th percentile for height, and even though I am only 5 feet tall, because 100% of your nutrition has come from and through me, I'm taking the credit... (it's the last time I'll be able to do so, since you'll be starting solids soon, and every one will think it's your tall dad that has made you tall). ;)

little hands

It's hard to write about your traits without comparing you to your big brother, but you two are definitely different... but you hold your hands the same way he did.  

He is one of your favorite people.  
This was your face when you saw him run over to you while you were lying on your quilt.

Hi big brother!

For about a month, you were only waking up once in a twelve hour night, and Mommy was loving it -- but either your ability to roll around (you're a tummy sleeper, like your brother was), or your increased activity, or growth spurt or little teeth popping in, or something has you up more often lately.  I don't mind as long as you fall back to sleep (which you did last night... thank you baby).  You're a thumb sucker too, which I suspect is part of why you used to scream when swaddled... when you were born, you had one hand by your face... I'd guess you've been sucking your thumb for quite some time. ;)

You like me to sing you to sleep.

You will sit and watch for a long time, and be happy about it.
5 months big
(I love your squishy little tummy baby girl)

You really are an "easy" baby.  And oh so charming.  You use as few words as possible, and really only cry when you're wanting out of your car-seat, or Mommy kept you up too long, and you got overly tired.  You usually ask to be held about fifteen minutes before you're ready for your next nap.  You spend a lot of time in your pack in between, and even let Mommy do dishes or shower while you're awake (a luxury your brother never afforded me).

You love your nightly massages, and stretch your little legs as long as you can, and smile and coo.
You watch us move around the room, and flirt with whoever isn't paying attention to you by smiling at them.  Because I'm usually studying you, I tell those people that you are smiling at them so they'll return the favor.

You and Steiger play together all the time.

sibling love

You roll on to your back easily, but have trouble getting back to your tummy.  Sometimes Steiger will help you get back around, and you don't mind.  The other morning, he was holding you on the couch while the two of you were watching Curious George, and when Mommy brought the laundry back out, he had laid you down and was snuggling next to you.  Thank goodness he put you to the inside.  He loves you as much as you love him.  ♥  I'm hoping to do everything I can to keep it that way.

Your eyes are blue and you are definitely a fair little white girl.

I am 5 months big

We hope you keep your blue eyes; everyone tells you how pretty they are.

You are unassuming, watchful, charming, and curious... and have seamlessly welded yourself in to our lives.  And oh how we love you for it.

(linking to Megan's Sew Modern Monday and Quilt Story's Fabric Tuesday)

(and if you're curious, there's a picture of Steiger when he was about the same age in this post.)


Jen said...

What a darling Scarlet is! Oh - and I like the quilt, too!

Manda said...

Scarlet is gorgeous! And the quilt is lovely!

Ulla's Quilt World said...

The quilts are so lovely! :)
Hugs, Ulla (from Finland)

Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

This quilt is so beautiful!!! I loved it when you reviewed it back when and it looks amazing all finished!!! Scarlet is so adorable!!!

CJ said...

She is soooo cute!! The quilt is cute too ;)

Katie B. said...

She is a beautiful little girl! And the quilt is lovely.

Karin said...

your little Scarlet is just precious precious precious! Love to hear how much Stieger loves her too!

Love the quilt too! Looks like a cathedral window! I might just have to make one too!!!!

Anne@A Little Fur in the Paint said...

So sweet! You have a lovely blog, and I'm a new follower! ♥
Anne :)

Ellen said...

She's beautiful! Your heart must just burst when she smiles at you like that.

Karen said...

Hi Tracey! Thank you so much for taking the time to share these wonderful pictures! Scarlet is adorable and growing like a weed. You're so lucky to have such an easy baby. Tell Steiger I'm proud of what a nice big brother he is!

The quilt is gorgeous!

Take care!

Hugs, Karen

Kelly said...

I wish I lived closer! I want to give her a big hug and kiss! Pretty, pretty girl!

Erin said...

Can I tell you how much I love this quilt? The first time I saw a picture of it I was like, "That's IT! Those are the colors I want my livingroom to be". I loved all the unique patterns and how you made it sophisticated, very shabby chic. I went to work making projects centered around this quilt. My livingroom wall centerpiece and several in progress and finished projects are all because of this one fabulous quilt you made Scarlett. It is gorgeous! It is lovely, and I am just absolutely in total love with it! Rock on mama!

sandra said...

Ahh she is just so beautiful and sweet enjoy her they grow so fast.I can't believe my grandsons are both turning five -where did the years go.
Love the quilt to. Blessings Sandra

Sara said...

Yes she has very pretty blue eyes and I adore her little onesie!

I also adore that chenille on that quilt--it looks sooo very luxurious!

Sarah Craig said...

Tracey, she's beautiful - and it's so nice to see such a lot of information about her!! I'm glad she and Steiger get along so well, too. Lilli is about to get a new little sister, and we're hoping they bond as well.

Oh yeah - pretty quilt too!!!

Carla said...

your quilt is is the baby : )

Library Gal Quilts said...

Sweet life! Your family is a wonderful blessing! xo to Miss Scarlet and her big brother!

Amanda said...

Such a beautiful quilt (and of course a beautiful girls, those blues eyes are killer) I usually like bright saturated colors, but your color palette is perfect for this! It looks like a hug feels.

hilary said...

Really beautifull quilt! and the kids...congratulations, they are gorgeous,enjoy them!

felicity said...

Beautiful! I love it, Tracey! And I want to squeeze little Scarlet's cheeks!


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