Friday, May 21, 2010

Pillow progress

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I began the quilting last night.  Even though I should have been working on something else (Come back this Wednesday).

I'm having too much fun with these pillows.

I used the template from this pattern (Mod Medallions by Gigi 's Thimble), and then modified it a bit.

These fabrics were completely not something I'd normally choose (and a few of them were new additions), but I am thrilled with how it is turning out.  This pillow will be hard to part with... but part with it I will, as it was so personalized for its recipient.

My favorite block is that corner one with the Hope Valley and Woodland Bloom.

Steiger likes it too.

The tree is my other favorite block.  
And the center one.
And those Freebird eggs on Hope Valley.


alexis nicole said...

That pillow makes me want to take up quilting! It is beautiful. I love how the last picture has your little one off to the side, makes the quilt look even more lovely.;)

AllieKatMom said...

I see some straight line quilting in this pillows future :)

shelia said...

LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! thanks...i need another project!!...well...kinda ;)

machen und tun said...

this looks all so very awesome! i just have no idea how you made those beautiful bows...and those fabrics... i am totally smitten :-)

♥Duff said...

LOve the tutorial for Leah/ Burgundy Buttons! We're all banging our heads saying--a layer cake! why didn't I think of that?!! Fun, easy project! Thanks!!

Kristen said...

This is such a nice pillow! This fabric line is stalking my wallet!

Katie B said...

Gorgeous pillow! Love that tree too.

Gigi's Thimble said...

Your version is absolutely amazing. LOVE it! Thanks for sharing! Those fabrics are so great too by the way!


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