Saturday, May 15, 2010

A pillow in green

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I signed up for the pillow talk swap, and wanted to make a practice pillow first. 
I bought a Dresden plate ruler last week, and also wanted to practice with it. 
A great match, methinks

I quilted circles in the center, around each blade, and vertical lines on the base fabric.

Here's the back -- an envelope closure with a small quilted band

And on the sofa (where you can really see the quilting)

(This pillow cover is for sale if you're interested)

And my cute boy who likes wearing Daddy's hats (he put this on himself).

And here he is again.


Don't forget to come back Monday for a giveaway!


Arantxa said...

I love this pillow! and your baby he's very lovely also. Kisses.

Jamie said...

Ooh I really love this! Beautiful colors.

Fuschia said...

Did you quilt the circles free motion?

At this point, you must know that I am going to ask a question on every, single post. ;)

Marcia said...

Your pillow is great. The quilting on it really adds just the right touch. Good job!

Natalia from Piece N Quilt said...

I love your pillow Tracey! It's perfect for spring, so fresh! :)

Amanda Jean said...

That pillow is so very pretty! I've been thinking about trying pillows for the same reason you stated (in a different post, perhaps)...the ability to try a new technique without spending too much time or using too much stash. Easier to quilt is a nice bonus, too, right? ;)


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