Sunday, January 3, 2010

Giveaway results!

Pin It Here are the results! (Sorry, they're a bit difficult to see... but the first one is a 9, and the second is a 2).

Our winner -- Julie from jaybirdquilts!

Which is a bit intimidating actually... she's a real quilter!
But it's kind of an honor too, because she is one of those inspiring people who have helped get me involved in quilting. Go check out her site... there's some really cute stuff there, and some fun tutorials too.

Here's her comment:

jaybird said...
i love the disclaimers.

juvenile or adult? adult
seasonal or timeless? timeless
solids or patterns? patterns
modern or traditional? modern
wonky or structured? wonky
wall, doll, or pillow? wall
favorite color: orange!!!:-)

So Julie, I will get out my orange fabric, and figure up something! :)

Because I said I would give a bonus entry for people who commented on the other December entries, I decided to do a separate drawing. There were 19 comments on the other entries, and so I plugged in that number, and went back to my first December entry . Comment #2 was J.J! (You can also find her here) Here's her comment:

*jj said...
I like the more straight one... you are such a great quilter!

I'm impressed. I LOVE the star you made :)

JJ didn't actually enter the giveaway, so I'll have to poll her about her choices... or maybe just surprise her by what I know of her taste from her blog.

I will add:

Jay and Steiger were my witnesses to the legitimacy of my usage of

And this is the pillow for my sister-in-law Jamie I made this weekend. It was her birthday present.

Congratulations and thanks for playing! We'll have another one soon... AND I am planning on creating a "bee-ginner's" quilting bee (this is where you make blocks for one another and send them back and forth... we will focus on basic quilting skills and blocks... let me know if you're interested! All you need is a sewing machine, and willingness to go to a quilt shop for some basic supplies and fabric!)

Leave a comment if you're interested.


Julie @ Jaybird Quilts said...

thanks tracey for the quilt.. and the sweet comments! ... i think everyone is a real quilter if they want to be.

Unknown said...
never heard of it. Sounds like fun. You have to blog a picture of jaybird's quilt...I wanna see the orange.

Liz ;) said...

Congrats ladies!
Oh how I wish I had a sewing machine. You make it look like so much fun! But then I would never get any work done. *Sigh*
Beautiful pillow Tracey!


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