Saturday, January 23, 2010

First mini-quilt done!

Pin It I probably shouldn't show you this, until the recipient gets it, but I had a chance to upload pictures and type a bit before the babe wakes up, so I think JJ will understand.

Here's Lucy's little mini quilt!

I used Caramel Town Charlotte by Lecien and some Kona solids.

It's a really simple 9-patch, because I wanted to practice not piecing, but free motion quilting in a stippling pattern and applique for this quilt. I'm really happy with how it turned out!

Here it is!

"L" for Lucy! :)

Here's an up-close of the actual quilting... I think it went well!
The back is pretty cute too. :)
Of course it has Red Binding. :) (but sorry JJ, it's machine binding rather than hand-sewn... so much faster!)

In other news... the power steering went out on our barely 1-year old car. They called... apparently there was a live rabbit in there somewhere. Which means it probably won't be covered by warranty. *sigh*


Jamie said...

That's beautiful! Lucky Lucy.

Katie B said...

This looks fantastic! I love that little deer print, and your stippling is really good!

P.S. Bummer about the car!

Beth said...

My sister and her husband and a squirrel living in their dashboard for weeks.
At first I felt for them, but thinking about it, I really felt for the squirrel. Poor little guy.
I'm just glad you guys are all ok!

*jj said...

We just got it in the mail today and I LOVE IT!!!!! Thank you so very much. I can't believe how well done it is. I'm super impressed... you've got quite a talent. Thanks for sharing it with Lucy and me!

Liz said...

Oh my goodness Tracey, beautiful! I wish I had won, :'(
This really really makes me want to learn how to quilt, you can make so many cute designs!


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