Saturday, January 9, 2010

a BEE-ginner's quilting bee!

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So, some of you have asked me about quilting. It really isn't terribly difficult... just takes patience and a few basic supplies.

I have decided I would like to start a swap. In this swap, we will make basic blocks for each other, and then mail them back and forth. It will only be one person/month... and 6-12 people, so nothing too overwhelming. You pick your own fabric, mail little bundles to the other folks in the group, and then they mail the blocks back to you.

Photoshop isn't currently loaded on to this computer, so I don't have a cute button ready yet, but I will.

Leave me a comment if you're interested!

These are some of the ideas I have for blocks:

A basic nine-patch

A disappearing nine-patch


Wonky log-cabins



Bento box

and more!!!

I am happy to find the tutorials and help with what I know or what I can find out. If you stop by here, and either do or don't know me in real life, feel free to voice your interest!



Liz said...

If only I had a sewing machine! They have some really nice fabric here.
One day I will learn!

Judgmental and just jealous said...

I wish I had the patience and talent to quilt, they are gorgeous Tracey!


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