Friday, December 3, 2010

I had to show you!

Pin It Look at the ridiculously adorable header that Lee has worked up (she might make changes, but I really love this)

In aqua

or orange...

I usually go for the aqua (shocker, huh?), but I think I might really like the orange this time...

Progress on Quilt Hope In:

Heartline is working with us now to get the funding logistics sorted (we'll have a link on the Quilt Hope in blog -- in progress), and we're trying to decide how to link the paypal funding so as to minimize charges/admin costs.  

Anyway -- I was just excited about these really cute headers and wanted to show you. 

(We also have our first fabric bundles donated from SewLoveFabrics... and I'm working on gathering some more -- for our giveaway, I hope to have fabric that y'all can win that you will then use to make quilts for the Moms and Kids in Haiti.)

Oh, P.S. -- If you knit or make a bag or something, we'll happily accept those donations too...any high quality fabric/yarn goodies will be accepted.

P.P.S.  If you have some beautiful, high quality quilting fabric you'd like to destash to our cause, email me.

Speaking of orange and aqua...
I'm working on finishing up my Modern Swappers and Pillow Talk Swap 4 projects.  

I decided to hand-quilt one of my pillow covers, originally thought to be for my Modern Swappers partner... but my PTS4 partner has similar taste.  

I've caused a bit of a stir in flickr land... oops. 

quilted pillow cover

quilted pillow cover

Yes, I did use my Go! cutter to make this... the Rob Peter to Pay Paul die.


AllieKatMom said...

Really, you still havent told me if you need/want help.

paulette said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing this. I recently made a Peter/Paul quilt and had no idea how to quilt it!! Well I do NOW!! Thanks for sharing!
PS LOve your pillow tops!!

Lee said...

Yay, so glad you like the headers! Coming soon: a Quilt Hope In button! : )

Katie B said...

Love the header! The needle and thread are perfect.

Meghan said...

Beautiful header, and pillow!!! I can't wait to see all the goodies on the site once all the logistics have been worked out.

verykerryberry said...

The pillow top is seriously desirable, a complete wannahave♥

Poppyprint said...

Love the FFA pillow top!!!

Ok, I need more info. I'm confused by the "in" part of the Quilt Hope title. Is it sort of like Hopin' or Quilt Hope In ____ (fill in blank with country currently receiving benefits?). The header is really fantastic in either colour....I am partial to orange at the moment, I must say. Also it's just a little bit different, which I like.

Unknown said...

Oooh. I like the orange header too.


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