Monday, December 27, 2010

Four quilts in four weeks

Pin It Each of these quilts is a derivation from my typical choices and style, as they were all gifts...
Because gifts are about the recipient, and not the giver, I hope they are all loved.


The first was finished the weekend after Thanksgiving, so I could give it to my mother-in-law early... so she could enjoy it throughout the Holiday season. :)  Her favorite Christmas decoration motif is the snowman... so snowmen it was for her. :)

MIL's quilt turned table cloth

Looked pretty cute as the tablecloth methinks.

For the design, I chopped up a panel (kind of hard to see in this picture), and interspersed it with a nine-patch/daisy chain... kind of like with this quilt.


The second quilt I finished was for my nephew.

for my nephew

Poor kid -- he's 2 1/2 years old, and has yet to get his own quilt from Aunt Tracey (In my defense, I started quilting when he was already a little over a year old).

I actually had deliberated, and deliberated over his quilt design for months... hoping to have it finished by his second birthday.  And even though there were designs I "could" have done, none seemed right.

I remembered my sister-in-law mentioning though that they wanted minky... and my brother really likes camo... so when I found the camo minky (by Robert Kaufman... I found mine here), my design dilemma was solved.  Some Kona and Moda Grunge solids, the Fat Quarterly quilt along pattern, and voila.

for my nephew

I did "cheat," and didn't do a regular binding (was trying to save time), and just turned the thing inside out -- it worked well everywhere except where I left the top open for turning.  But I don't think I'll do it again -- because even though I was trying to save time, I don't think I really did.

The minky was fine to work with (though I was a bit chicken to free-motion with it)... and it is so soft and nappable.


Quilt number three is the most challenging quilt I've ever made.

Sometime last year, my mom saw a wool rag quilt for sale, and told me she loved it.  Having never made a rag quilt, and having never seen it myself, I wasn't exactly sure how to translate what she loved in to a surprise quilt for her, so I did my best guessing.

And it is a good thing I didn't know how much trouble this was going to give me, or else I don't know if I would have started (or I at least would have done things differently).

But here is my mom's really heavy wool rag quilt.

Since I like the back better than the front... I'll show it to you first...

back of wool rag quilt

And the front.


There is a lot I would have changed for this if I did it again (definitely a learning experience)...
- used either no flannel for the "batting," or one that didn't contrast
- Used a smaller seam allowance (I was using the Go! cutter rag quilt die)
- Undecided if I would have ragged the edges first with the die, or done it after???
- Got the strongest needle I could find BEFORE attempting to sew those rows together (I broke 3 needles while making this quilt)

But my mom likes it... so that makes me happy. (Rag quilts are so not my thing).


The last quilt I finished was for my father-in-law.

Last year, I had bought one of Holly Taylor's flannel jelly rolls on sale, because he's a fisherman, and I thought the woodsy flannels would suit him.

FIL's quilt

This one almost didn't get done in time, because my backing fabric was late in the mail!  But thanks to my husband watching Steiger, it was done on the 22nd (then I wrapped on the 23rd, and we were traveling the 24th).

I followed a free pattern from Lauren and Jessi Jung (they designed Botany), and even though all those blocks have set-in seams... they were fun to construct.

FIL's Christmas gift

The back was more flannel (can I say that Moda's flannel is incredibly soft), and it was quilted with simple diagonal lines.

Back of my FIL's quilt

 Now for the disclaimer:
If you've been reading my blog for any amount of time, you realize that none of these quilts are done in colors I would choose myself... so can I say I am very much looking forward to sewing whatever I want for a while! But I'm glad those are done, and I hope their recipient's love them. :)


Sara said...

They were challenging, but I believe that you are a better quilter because of them--right, right:)!!

I love the minky fabric!! Was it hard to sew on?

Happy New Year to you and your fam!!

Luv 2 Kreate said...

They all turned out wonderful! I am sure they will be VERY LOVED in their new homes :)

AllieKatMom said...

Oh, I made a couple rag quilts before and you are actually supposed to cut the batting a little smaller so that its not part of the part you cut. You end up just using it to sew with and the edges are just the fabric. Makes it much easier that way. Looks great though and they are nice and warm too :)

Manda said...

Wow 4 quilts in 4 wks! I'm impressed (and a little jealous that I'll never be that quick LOL!) They all look great tho I especially like the woodsy one :-)

Cat said...

4 quilts in 4 weeks is amazing ~ well done to you ~
I love the back of the rag quilt xxx I bet all the receivers love their quilts

Dana Gaffney said...

4 quilts 4 weeks, wow. I'm glad you put the disclaimer, I was actually thinking, what's with these colors? I just broke out of my usuals and did enjoy seeing something so different, but I'm back to what I love.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Lots of love and time went into those quilts! I'm sure the recipients will know that.

Karen said...

Awesome gifting!.I hear you about the colours/fabrics. It makes it so easy to give them away when its time.

Elizabeth said...

Wow. You are wonder woman. Those are amazing! Good for you!

xo -El

Kristie said...

Well done!! I know, it is hard to feel inspired when working on things in fabrics/colours for others...but they all look great, I especially love the camo minky! And you definately deserve some sewing time for YOU now!!

Sarah Craig said...

Beautiful quilts, Tracey! I know you are happy to have them done and in their new homes- where they will be loved while you work on something new!! Can't wait to see what you make next!

9patchnurse said...

Great job on the quilts. Your family must be so thrilled with all of their quilts. That minky is awesome. Happy New Year and enjoy sewing for yourself for a while. You have earned it.

Lee said...

Wow, you got a lot done in the last four weeks! They're beautiful, good job. Now go do something YOU want to do. : )

Photography said...

I love the table!! You are so clever :-)

Katie B said...

What a generous gift-giver! Good for you for making quilts you know the recipients will love. I gave my Colorbrick quilt to my sister, and I'm so sad to see it go! I'll have to make another for myself soon.

Ali said...

I have some quilt pictures that I need to post of quilts that just aren't my style, but the recipients love. Now to be selfish for the next 10 months until next Christmas's sewing! :)

Poppyprint said...

Love the new header, especially Steiger modelling the Kona color card! The quilts are incredible. I can't believe how you managed them in a month...did you sleep?

pinksuedeshoe said...

Love them! And the new header is pretty fantastic too. So cute. I am so glad that Christmas is over and i can finally sew something that I want for myself! And I've already started laying out plans for next Christmas's quilts. I'm a glutton for punishment apparently.


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