Monday, June 21, 2010

Continuous bias binding tutorial

Pin It Sometimes I think I am a "self-taught" quilter... but the reality is I'm a tutorial-taught quilter!

I first learned this method from this tutorial, and it is now pretty much all I use for binding.  I love it! :)

(I apologize for the unedited nature of these photos -- I wanted to get them up)

  • Trim selvages.  Fold one selvage down so it is along the bottom edge.  Cut along fold.

  • Turn the triangle you just cut off over, and line up your selvage edges.  Sew together to make a large parallelogram.

  • Press seam open

  • Starting at one side, draw lines 2.25' from edge.

  • Draw a bunch of lines, all across the length of fabric, trimming excess at the end.

  • It's hard to see, but that's a "0" next to the first line there.  Start your numbering on top at "0" and number each line.

  • Start your bottom numbering at 1, and count up from there.

  • Right-sides together, pin at the intersection of each number (the 1's together, the 2's etc.)  There will be an off-set (this is what you want).

  • The fabric kind of twists

  • Sew the seam you just pinned, and press open.  Here's what your off-set will look like.

  • You now have a twisty-tube of fabric.  Starting on one end, use scissors to cut on the lines.  I usually put the fabric on my arm like a sleeve.

The result!  Lots and lots of bias binding!  (see the link at the top for measurement information). :)

*Fabric is Nicey Jane by Heather Bailey.

I used the binding on this quilt


blueberrymoon said...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you and
Thank you!! Just what I needed.

sandra said...

Thanks from me too, i have been looking for a good tutorial

Sarah Craig said...

Good tutorial! Tell me, do you use bias binding to bind all your quilts, or just curvy ones?

Tamara Hampton said...

just what i needed when i needed it. Thanks for sharing!

Mary said...

What a cool tutorial! I just might have to try that! (P.S. - I LOVE a stripey binding cut on the bias!!!)

Fuschia said...

This was one of the most difficult things for me to learn on my own...I didn't have the benefit of a nifty tutorial like this; I only had a very old Georgia Bonesteel book.


Luv 2 Kreate said...

Great tutorial...THANKS

Arantxa said...

Thank you for the photos!!! I've already seen that tutorial you've referred but I didn't understand it!!jajaja, with your photos I finally have all completed: the explanations and the way to do it in practice. Kisses.

JariJari said...

TFS, Good tutorial indeed...even tho I have seen a number of tutorials on this method, I am yet to try one.

Carly said...

Tracey- I made the fruitcake under my tree tree skirt, which was not my first quilt but the first quilt I've made with no help at all, and i used this tutorial to make the binding which i've never done before... i have to say, it was MUCH easier than i was expecting! i kept putting it off and putting it off and, well, i had to do it now because christmas is right around the corner and this is a gift for my mom!! :) thank you so so so so so so so much i can't thank you enough, without someone to "hold my hand" through this process i don't think i would have made it past sorting the layer cake! :)
check out my pics and updates on my blog, k!


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