Saturday, June 5, 2010

100 posts giveaway game. :)

Pin It 100 posts!  Yippee!

(We already have a winner... Congratulations KarrieLyne!  Apparently I'm not the only one who likes to browse fabric...) ;)

This blog was originally at, and started out, I think, as a weight loss blog.  Then it became a pregnancy blog.  Then it transformed to what it is today... a quilty blog.  This is the one that suits me best.

A little more about me, and answers to the questions I most frequently hear:

- How do you find the time to quilt with a little one?
2 words -- nap time; another 2 words -- neglected laundry.

- How do you pronounce your son's name?  Where did you come up with that?
It's like "Tiger" with an S in front... he is named after a tractor.

- When did you start quilting?
I bought my sewing machine when I was pregnant with Steiger.  These were my first quilts... this is me the night before our "big sono."  Before we found out that who I thought was a "she" was actually a "he." 

We don't have a real set-up for sewing (I used the dining room table for months), but I put it all away when I got too big to sit there comfortably.  The funny part is that my husband gave me a bad time about the money we spent on the machine, and the fact that it "wasn't getting used."  On the nights when I'm sewing away, and he's playing the computer, I laugh and ask him if he thinks it's getting enough use now. :)  (I've moved in to the office...with portable tables set up and a kitchen stool).  

Jay actually got my first real size quilt-top.  
Jay's Redskins quilt

Since then, it has become quite a habit  hobby.

Fabric and sewing and making quilts and learning and blogging and looking at pictures was and is really therapeutic for me, and so much fun now.  

- Why do you blog Tracey?

I'm a sensitive soul (for you familiar with Myers-Briggs, I'm an INFP), and we live out in the middle of nowhere, and my husband works ridiculously long hours during the busy seasons, and I need a way to connect.  This works for me... I get to *talk* to people and share common interests despite my geographical isolation.  Please leave comments and links back to your blogs!


To celebrate my 100 posts, I'm going to have a little "name that fabric" game/giveaway.  (As mentioned above -- we have a winner!...but you can keep reading if you'd like)

But before I tell y'all how to play, I'm going to tell you what you can win!

I made that little color wheel dresdie last week... just because.  And no, I'm not giving it away, but I AM giving away what I call a "tracey-cake*."


These are 8.5" squares... about 20 of them.  This goes to the winner! **


In this stack, there are 17 (or maybe 18) different fabric collections represented.  The first person to email me with 10 of them named, wins.  Please put "100 posts fabric" or something of the like in the subject line, and leave a comment too.

This was Karrie's winning email...the girl's good...I didn't even need specifics!

Riley Blake Flowering vines in cayenne
Patty young Flora and Fauna Dandelion in Lime
Carolyn Gavin Wild Thyme in Green
heather bailey nicey jane hop dot in tangerine
sandy henderson meadowsweet paper snowflake in pumpkin
joel dewberry cool stream in floral fields lake
joel dewberry cool stream in dogwood bloom
joel dewberry first bloom in nap sack berry
Denyse Schmidt hope valley Thistle leave in fiesta
Denyse Schmidt hope valley Wall Flower in new day
tula pink plume in red key tree
Mo Mo Freebird Eggs in Melon

Thank you for reading!  I so appreciate getting to know you all. :)
And thank you for all the love on my Spring to Finish report, and little clutch!

I wanted to show you my outdoors shot of it... since outdoors photos are usually always better.

*"tracey-cake" is thus named because it's smaller than a layer-cake; at only 5' tall, I'm smaller than the average person too

**  The collections are - in order:
- Blush, Birds and the Bees by Keri Beyer, Bloom and Grow, Freebird, Meadowsweet, Nicey Jane, Botany, Midwest Modern, Flora and Fauna, Birds of a Feather, Wild Thyme, Cherish Nature, Modern Meadow, Hope Valley, Birds and Bees, Modern Meadow, Modern Meadow, Hope Valley, Summer Solstice, Plume


Poppyprint said...

Your clutch turned out beautifully!!! I am terrible at remembering the name of fabrics, so I'll leave the giveaway to the experts, but congrats on an impressive milestone and thanks for sharing!

KarrieLyne said...

Tracey, I just love your work! Your dresden is fab! Are you sure you don't want to give that to a good home? LOL. Just kidding! You should keep it. It's stunning!


jabeybaby said...

That color wheel dresden is beautiful! And again I think that clutch is just too cute!

Diane said...

Still lov'n that clutch! It was fun to read your Q&A.

Fuschia said...

What? Not gonna do a 100 Things post? Chicken!!

Ha ha! You know I'm kidding. A give-away is mucho mejor.


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