Friday, February 19, 2010

Valentine's follow up

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I have an online group of mommies that I chat with, and we decided to do a secret valentine. Well, I was paired with a little guy who I feel like I know from his pictures, videos, and his mama's blog.

Of course I had to make him a mini quilt. I haven't been showing it before now. But look how sweet! Even snuggled up with it.

I practiced pebble quilting, and a cartwheel, some applique, and Red Pepper's binding tutorial. It didn't go so perfectly as she does it.

Today was also mail day.

Hang around long enough, and you'll realize that though my life is blessed, my husband's love language is not gifts. So I take care of that. Like with this pretty orchid I bought myself for Valentine's.

That and...

I've been resisting for so long.

Futile in the end really.

Meet Nicey Jane. (purchased from Hawthorne threads)

Part of it is destined to become this.


Wandering Awry said...

Yayyy Tracey! Thanks again :) We love it and he is sleeping with it again tonight!

Fuschia said...

When I saw the pic of him cuddled up with his little quilt I thought of "Taggies". Have you seen them? That quilt would be so cute as a Taggie!!

I like your new "look" ;)

Anonymous said...

Cute little guy! And the flowers are gorgeous. You're the second woman this week who has said they buy themselves flowers. I need to do that - my husband doesn't do it much ether. Flowers are just happy :) - Esther


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