Sunday, February 21, 2010

a bag for me!

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I saw this pattern over at fatquartershop the other day, and decided to get it.
It came in the mail yesterday.

And... voila! A Nicey Jane bag for me. I've decided that since Steiger will be starting swimming lessons in about a week, it will be our swimming lessons bag.

It's fully reversible, with a lined pocket on each side... the blue combo is my favorite, but I love the other one too.

Here it is!

I need to add a button, and hand sew a small part closed... but it's pretty cute, if I don't say so myself.

I close by adding that Heather, a lady I've recently discovered in blog land, is having a giveaway with some fabric I wish I would have known about while it was still available.

Go check out her work; it's wonderful. (She's also in my list of favorite blogs)...


Anonymous said...

adorable!! you can never have too many bags... in my opinion :) - Esther

Lynette said...

LOVE THIS!!!! I just might need to borrow this pattern in a few months. Even better ... I'll bring my sewing machine to your house and we'll make one together.

Unknown said...

Love the bag. Have you thought about selling them on etsy? They're just the sort of thing you could make some good money on.

Fuschia said...

LOVE this! Is it messenger style? Gonna have to make one of these babies :)

Bella @ Lil Daisies said...

Oh, I love this bag...especially since it is reversable too! But, the fabric is way cute!

And I agree with Esther - you can NEVER have too many bags!


Sherri said...

Love your bag...wasn't it fun to make? I really enjoyed making the sample!


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