Monday, February 6, 2012

Scarlet met Anna

Pin It ... and they looked great together. :)

Anna and Scarlet

I told you before that Amanda and I were going to sew with Anna Maria Horner last Friday...

The quilt class was for Anna's new Patchwork Prism quilt, that is destined to be a free pattern on her site, and the Janome site.

Anna, me and Amanda

Even though I brought my own fabric bundle (the quilt will be for Scarlet of course), I had to buy Anna Maria's bundle too.  Because it was amazing and I didn't have most of those fabrics, and I'd never get a chance to get all those together ever again.

best fabric kit ever

I might share it with Kelly, if I can bring myself to.

I could blather on, but I have to mop before Scarlet wakes up, so I'll summarize the highlights --

- Watching Anna (by the way -- it's pronounced Anna with a short o sound, not short a sound) sort fabric at lightning speed -- it was amazing
- Getting to show off my daughter in her new little jacket

my baby's hoodie

- Chatting the whole way there and back with Amanda.
- Chatting with AMH, and realizing she is every bit as genuine in person as she seems
- Seeing previews of Anna's new line -- Field Study -- I think it's my favorite of hers ever
- Listening to her describe how she does designs and colors -- something that really stuck with me is when she was explaining that in most fabric lines, the pink is the same pink throughout every print, but she tries to change hers a little, so they blend, but aren't the same color or too matchy-matchy.  She's really an incredible artist
- Only being a little bit starstruck... I really had to tell her that she has written my favorite blog post I've ever read... ever.

You know, it was just a happy, happy day.  Scarlet did great with Grandma, and was a little hit when I got to introduce her.  And Anna didn't even mind that she wanted to 'nom nom' on her finger. :)

My daughter nom'd on Anna Maria's hand

In fact, I think she might have even liked it a little.

(And I *just* noticed the title of the quilt book behind me!)


Amber H. said...

I've met her myself, last year when she was here in Salt Lake for Spring Quilt market. I have to agree she's GENUINELY adorable and sweet as she is in her blog posts and elsewhere. You are way luckier than I was though, I only chatted with her for about 10 minutes; I didn't get a chance to spend time with her sewing or anything.

Heidi @ Boys, Buttons, and Butterflies said...

GREEN WITH ENVY!! I am so excited for you AND Scarlett!!!


I will pretend just "knowing" you is enough!

Heidi @ Boys, Buttons, and Butterflies said...

And I just added a "t"...I am off "the list" aren't I!?!??!?!

Kristen said...

That is the best stack of fabrics ever!!! I am glad you had such a wonderful weekend together with Anna Maria!

♥Duff said...

OH wow! what a great trip and class! You are such a lucky gal :O)
Scarlet stole the show, I'm sure...she's getting so big already. I'd take a nom nom any day from her!
BTW, that bundle is just about the most amazing thing I've seen in ages. Are you going to make a prism quilt out of that also or just save it to drool over and pet?

Kelly said...

J.E.A.L.O.U.S.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That fabric stack for the quilt is incredible! No way would I have resisted if I saw it in person! So yummy! The more I hear and read about her the more I love her. She's my designer crush! :) I'm so glad you had a great time! BTW, that's my all time favorite blog post too! I cried like a baby!

Cat said...

I LOVE that stack of fabrics !! !! !!
And seeing a photo of darling precious Scarlett xxx

Cat said...

Oh and I just HAVE to tell you - my friend has just had her 2nd VBAC 2nd HomeBirth 2nd WaterBirth - ::)) Yeah for us VBAC Mamas

Angela said...

You know I'm envious and thrilled for you at the same time. Hopefully someday I'll get to meet her too...and maybe even have a cute baby to tote along. All dreams, so why not dream big! lol

That fabric bundle looks fabulous and I think that being "star struck" would have prompted me to buy it too. Just to say I did!

Karen said...

I am so glad you has a wonderful day. Those fabrics look beautiful. I remember after I had my son I wasn't doing much sewing so I signed myself up for a class at my local shop. It was unbelievably good to get away for a little while. Looking forward to seeing Scarlett's quilt.

Jules said...

wow!, what a day, i can't blame you for feeling like that i just think she is ace!. And that stack of fabric, crikey that is a beautiful thing. i bet she loved your daughter having a chew on your finger, she loves babies.lucky you.

Ducks and Rabbits said...

What an exciting day! I'm so glad it worked out so well and you got to meet sewing celebrity! I totally gush when I meet a sewing or knitting or quilting hero.

Library Gal Quilts said...

So happy you had fun and got to share your sweet girl with AMH! I too loved that blog post so much that she wrote. I knew it would be that one when you mentioned it. Such honesty! Gotta love a gal like that.


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