Monday, April 1, 2013

April - Just Three!

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Here's my monthly report and goals!

March's goals:

1) Make a baby quilt.  They're my favorite -- I have many WIPs to finish, or a new one to start.  This little bundle of Les Amis is calling me.

Not quite what I had in mind, but I did manage to whip up a little baby shower gift for my cousin.  And I used Les Amis.  But I finished it at midnight, and didn't get a nice picture... thankfully Steiger held it up for this one. :)

quick baby shower gift

2) Finish the Union Jack quilt for Ty.  

The top is mostly pieced, and I got this great Union Jack focal block made!  (free pattern coming soon)

Union Jack

3) And these three!  These quilts are all going to Lindsay at Eileen Quilts (at some point, you just realize they're not going to get done without a little help -- thank you Lindsay!)  She is donating the quilting for Chelsa's Scrappy Sprouts -- so sweet of her! ♥  I am so looking forward to sitting on the couch and binding these. :)

I got this one back, and am working on the binding still.  But it's GORGEOUS.  So Gorgeous. ♥
Thank you Lindsay!

Sad that this is all I can show of it for now...


For April:

1) Write up a new pattern (actually, finish one that is in the works)

I'm writing a pattern for this pillow cover right now -- it will be in the next Fat Quarterly.  But I want to get another one done too!

pillow top

2) Start my new blog linky series (I'll give you more information soon!), but it's going to be a chance to all blog about the same topic, and you'll have plenty of notice on the topic, and all that... :)

3) Finish an old WIP.  I really want to get these done... but seem to be lacking in time or something...

Thank you for playing along!  Happy April!


alidiza said...

Love your Union Jack block!!! Pip, pip to another smashing month:-)

Meghan said...

The last thing I need is more fabric and another project but that owl print in the top picture is pretty cute!!! Must learn how to sew and tend to babies. You rock for being able to do both so well!!!

Heidi Staples said...

These are all gorgeous! I can't wait to see that pillow top pattern -- what a great design!

Unknown said...

I borrowed your just 3 theme for my blog post today.
I hope that's okay.

beckandlundy (Patty Sloniger) said...

Fabulous projects! I love the pillow pattern you're working on, it's gorgeous.


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