Saturday, July 30, 2011

Baby #2's first quilt top

Pin It I finished (minus trimming up the sides) baby #2's "Hospital" quilt while we were on vacation this week.

And since it's been so quiet around here, I decided to show you now rather than wait for it to be all the way finished.

Baby's "hospital" quilt top

This was the stack of fabric I started with:
boy or girl fabric

A bunch of equilateral triangles later (cut at 60 degree angle on 4 1/2" wide strips),
and this is my quilt for baby number two... whether there is a little he or she growing in there.

I'll give you more beach pictures soon, but we sure did enjoy our family time and cool weather.

And we've passed 29 weeks... if this baby comes when Steiger came, that means I've got just under 9 to go...

(For inquiring minds -- 29 weeks with Steiger)


Heidi Grohs said...

Getting so excited for you!

And the picture of you with Steiger is absolutely adorable.

I want that quilt just 'cuz it is so awesome!!!!

Kelly said...

Is it me, or does it seem like you've been preggo forever? Maybe it's just because you won't find out what you're having! The suspense is killing me! :) Hope you're feeling good, sweetie!

Erika :: Ollie & Olina said...

I love this top! The fabric is beautiful and what a fun pattern. You might have to share how you put it together....hope the pregnancy is going good.

Karen said...

Great quilt! Love the colors and pattern you used.

So, are you about the same size as the picture you posted?

Hang in there!

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Cute quilt. You aren't counting the days are you???? giggle.

Katie B said...

Yay! I've been thinking about you. Glad you had a fun trip!

Such a lovely quilt. Great colors.

Sarah Craig said...

What a beautiful little quilt top! Glad to hear you're doing so well!

Sara said...

Cute triangle top,you just keep plugging away don't ya?!!

Unknown said...

I love that quilt top! It's so pretty. That's one lucky baby!

Jenniffier said...

Lovely Quilt top!

Meghan said...

Love the quilt top! Hope you are doing well mama! Just wanted to stop by and tell you I am thinking about you! Can't wait to see the new bundle of joy!!!!


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