Sunday, April 10, 2011

you're 2 today

Pin It yesterday, we took you to "ride big trains!"  ♥

family picture

You ordered your father around all day -- "over there," "see that," "go see that."

big grin with Daddy

Your mom and dad still rock you to sleep many nights.  At Grandma's house, you climb on the big bed, and fall asleep while she's reading your story.  We have to trick you in to your room, because you're often telling us "No Nigh-night."  It's how we know when you're tired.

on the big bed

You're a lovey little guy... often giving us hugs, or putting your arm around us.  You like to "hold hands" in the car, or walking... though of course, sometimes you tell me, "Stysto do it."

You refer to yourself as "Stysto."

You're chatty -- and life with you is a constant running commentary... birdie flying... big truck coming... Daddy fix sprinklers... Stysto fall down... Stysto running fast... Mommy get that... baby over there... ride big train...go see it...
You're also very inquisitive.

Actually -- you want to go see everything, and go ride everything. Go ride big tractor, ride four-wheeler (which sounds like fo-feeya).

Mr. Engineer

Whenever you see a ditch or body of water, you say, "Frow rocks in dere" (throw rocks in there).  We throw a lot of rocks on walks.

You contradict yourself often -- saying you want one thing, only to negate it the next second.  This drives your father and I batty, and we have not figured out how to quell this habit -- other than by ignoring you.  You can be rather persistent though.

You love popsicles, jelly beans, and most kinds of sweets... though, you'd probably take a "berber (burger) and fies" over those on most days.  In n' Out are your favorites.

always laughing

You love trains, cars, tractors, bikes, stickers, books, and are learning puzzles.

You know all your grandparents by name, and talk about them often... and do wonderfully when you're with them.  You've spent the night at your Grandma Shirley's a couple times, and I'm pretty sure you're better for her than for me.  You remember your Aunt Sharon and Uncle T -- even though you only see them a couple times a year.

with two of your grandmas

with Grandpa Rich

You get shy initially, but then warm up.  Yesterday, you shook your head "no" whenever the train blew its whistle, because it was "too youd!"

getting brave on the big train

You talk about the baby "growing big and stong" a lot.  Sometimes you pat mommy's tummy, and say "baby in dere." :)

big smile with Mommy

One of your most commonly used words is "heavy."  It is a synonym for anything big, tall, or awkward to maneuver.

You like things to be in order as far as whose item belongs to whom -- you get upset, for example, if Mommy uses Daddy's phone, or Elli (the dog) goes near anything that's yours.  You are also very concerned with who does what.

studying the balloon man work

Steiger, I remember when you were five months old, and taking a bath... I looked at you, while you were grinning and kicking and swinging your arms in your little bath, and told you that I wanted to memorize you.  I still feel like that every day.  Last night, after I told you about your train adventures and adventures with Alexander on the bleachers at the softball game, I rocked you while you tried to fall asleep.  I was remembering two years earlier -- in the hospital.  My happiest memories from the hospital were when I would hold you and you would sleep on me.  I remember I would turn my face so that I didn't steal your air.  Last night, I couldn't help but get drippy eyes as I pictured that tiny little body and face, while you were draped over the chair and my lap last night.  I can't wait for you to meet your little brother or sister (you say sister) -- and share your bright, inquisitive, possessive, tender, gracious, and funny little heart with a new person of our family.  You've already got your daddy and I completely and utterly in love.

Happy Birthday my sweetest boy.  It has been a most wonderful two years so far.

2 years


DiscoverHope7 said...

first off.. AWWW that is so sweet! and second.. how did you make that photo collage? I want to do that! :D !

Sarah Craig said...

Happy birthday, Steiger!! And what a sweet post, Tracey! I know you're proud of your little man!

Lucky Duck Dreams said...

Thanks for sharing such lovely memories! What a special way to share your sons early years.You made me tear up with emotion.

Kelly said...

Geez! I'm crying! What a wonderful post. So much love!

Cherie said...

Happy birthday, Little Man! I can feel the love from down south.

Cat said...

awwww you brought tears to my eyes toooooo :) that is just the sweetest post ever :) don't they just grow up too quick :) cherish every moment (ps: sounds like you've got a case of the 2's there LOL)
Hugs to you my darling bloggy friend xxx

Sara said...

YES this was soo sweet and it made me think yes it would be nice to be able to freeze our little one's in time so we would never have to "remember" what they were like when they were little. God is soo good to reward us with our children:)

Katie B said...

Beautiful, Tracey! Happy birthday to your sweet boy. Great family pictures!

Dana Gaffney said...

Happy Birthday Steiger! What a wonderful post Tracey, so much love. I'll be smiling for a while after that. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Cathy said...

Tracy: Oh what a sweetie. 2 how much fun you will have this year. Enjoy every minute. Your photo's are great. thanks for sharing.

Karen said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Steiger! Sounds like you had an unforgetable day.

Hugs, Karen

Julie said...

He is such a cutie. What a fun day for his birthday! Juliex

pinksuedeshoe said...

Ah what a sweet post! Love it. Happy Birthday S-dude! I hope to meet you one day!

Poppyprint said...

that entire post was adorable, just like Steiger. Thanks Tracey. Happy birthday little man!

AllieKatMom said...

awwwww....what a great day!

Lawbag said...

Happy Birthday little guy! What a little cutie.

Library Gal Quilts said...

My day just got better reading and seeing your photos. Sweet little man. Dear, wonderful parents. Family is what it's all about! Happy Birthday Steiger!IF you come to Chico soon, let's go to Schubert's and get an ice cream! xo Pam in Chico

Donna S. said...

What a sweetheart. My youngest grandson turned 2 in Feb & this reminds me so much of him. The inquisitiveness, liking order, changing his mind. Adoreable!!


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