Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I have a thing for baby quilts

Pin It What can I say... I'm a sucker for new babies and the quilts that go with them.

Remember this?

It's all washed and crinkly and on its way to its new home now.

Washed and crinkly baby quilt

Its little owner is still cooking, and Audrey's mama, if you're reading this... I need a picture of that newborn sweetness with her quilt. :)

back-lighting the back

A few process notes:

You saw me working out a design... Basically, I laid out some HSTs, and my good online friend (she's not a quilter though -- we met in a mommy forum when we were pregnant -- our babes were born a day apart, and she's got another one set to show up in a month-ish) decided she liked the diamonds better.

These were from a "Lily and Will" charm pack; I pulled the pinks, greens, and most of the browns, and added a Moda Bella Snow square.  

After the top was pieced, I couldn't shake the feeling that there was something missing from the quilt.  Unfortunately, I didn't have any more charm squares, and I didn't feel right about just adding more of the solid for a border.

This is why I love having a stash.

I had added some "natural" chenille to my cart back when it was on sale a few months ago ( I believe)... and it made the perfect finish.

chenille border

The back is a cream flannel from JoAnn's, with Audrey's name appliquéd on... oh, and a little flower from this die.


What I love about this quilt:
  • Can you say soft?
  • all the texture
  • her name looks so cute
  • it's so so so soft in every way... perfect for a new baby
What I don't love:
  • I forgot to put on a label (oops)
  • I worry again that white isn't a great idea for babes (but hey -- it's washable). :)
  • That I didn't miter the borders.
This is one really different from my last one, but equally loved.

Audrey's quilt

I can't wait to see little Audrey with this.


Weatherbee ;) said...

I love this!! It is SO beautiful! And looks ridiculously soft, I can only imagine how it feels. What a beautiful quilt.


Jenn said...

I just want to touch it.

Poppyprint said...

The baby will adore the soft chenille border texture. I bet she cuddles it for hours and hours!!!! Very sweet quilt, Tracey.

Katie B said...

So sweet. I LOVE the chenille border! Did you quilt through the chenille, or did you stop before the border?

Mama Pea said...

That is very cute. I really like it. The chenille adds great texture! I'm about to start a new baby quilt, too. I am also a sucker for them.

Manda said...

Gorgeous! I love the border, it makes it something a bit different!

Wandering Awry said...

I love reading your posts Tracey, they make a bad day turn into a good one :) I want to roll around in your quilts and fall asleep!
In fact, Adrian, in his fitful sleep last night, put his mini quilt over his head to try to sleep better!

Sarah Craig said...

Tracey it's beautiful! I love the chenille you used for the border!! And the label thing - have you seen the labels I use for the quilt ministry? They go right on the binding, so they're easy to add at the end, even if you forget to machine sew them into the binding itself. You can usually see them on the rollup pics in my flickr group.

Karen said...

Love this one! Great idea, your putting chenille on as a border. It looks so cuddly. Baby is certain to love it.

Hugs, Karen

P.S. I love making baby quilts too!

Elizabeth said...

I really love how that came out! Really! I love everything about it! The colors are so sweet, the diamond pattern is beautiful, the chenille border is just perfect and I love how the quilting accents it perfectly. Beautiful job and lucky baby!

xo -El

Anonymous said...

What a sweet quilt - I love HST's in diamonds, it's one of my favorite layouts, and those little fingers are going to love chenille and flannel.

Unknown said...

LOVE the sweet pastels and the pattern. It almost looks "Organic". Super cute.

KarrieLyne said...

Just like everything you make, its adorable Tracey! :) I love the chenille you added to the border too!

Rafael's Mum said...

Love this one! Really great alltogether.

Vesuviusmama said...

So, if I get pregnant again will you...NO! I shouldn't get pregnant just to get a quilt. Forget I said that!

Anne Sutton said...

I am loving the chenille combined with Lily & Will! Great idea and darling quilt! You make my fabric look so good!


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