Wednesday, December 9, 2009

WIP Wednesday - berry binding and Steiger's quilt

Pin It I'm still not over the mint green thread. But I'm moving on. I will bind the quilt (here's over 400 inches of binding half-way pressed and being prepared to be sewn on, but I'm having more fun with Steiger's) I also have another small Christmasy quilt waiting to be bound in red polka-dots. And I'm working on Steiger's quilt! Some of the blocks... I LOVE, and others, I'm not so sure about. I am wondering what to do with it once I put it all together. I decided on the Box Step pattern because I felt it would show the prints better, and leave me with less decapitated moose (mooses? Meese?). I even fussy-cut a few of the block centers so those little forest creatures will be better displayed.

This is going to be a brief update, because I want to get back to sewing while Steiger is sleeping! Here's my next project... which I think will be for me. It's called "Cameos," and while a little more challenging than straight piecing, will turn out great... I hope.

Here are a few of the boy though... he loves Cheerios (and so does the dog). Any other good high chair foods? It's been exciting now that Jay set it up. :)

Oh, and all I want for Christmas is fabric. Well, actually I want a long-arm machine with quilting frame so I can do my own quilting, but I think that's a bit much to ask. Thank you for reading!


Unknown said...

I'm really digging Steiger's quilt. I like the boxstep idea.

Liz said...

Steiger's quilt is so cute! I love the animals. My aunt made Adrian a quilt covered in monkeys and zoo animals it is probably my favorite thing of his!


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