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Go! Rob Peter to Pay Paul

Pin It *This is part of my mini-series of Go! cutter reviews.  So now, here is my review of "Rob Peter to Pay Paul".  I plan to review the Strip cutter die, a rag die, and hope to have the giveaway ready to begin on Saturday or Sunday!  Please leave your questions in the comments, and I will answer all I can in the "Giveaway with a Q & A" post*

Breakfast at Tiffany's quilt top

When I set about the task of picking out my three dies to go with the Go! cutter, I knew immediately I wanted this one: the "Rob Peter to Pay Paul"

I love curves in quilts.  I love petals.  I love cathedrals.  This design has all those elements in it.


I tried a couple different materials with this die set: 
  • Standard quilting cotton by Moda (Breakfast at Tiffany's with Bella Snow to be exact)
  • Canvas weight Far Far Away 2 by Heather Ross
  • Heavy linen from French General for Moda
The logistics:

For the regular quilting weight, I used a layer cake.  This die is sized to work with the 10" x 10" mat, and in case you weren't aware, layer cakes are a 10" square.  

The Go! can cut up to six layers of regular weight at a time, but I found I preferred to crank through four or five.

Rob Peter to Pay Paul

Rob Peter to Pay Paul

With a layer-cake square, you do end up with some waste for this die (P.S. If you want my "left-overs, leave a comment and I'll send them to someone").

Rob Peter to Pay Paul

But because of the shape of the curves, the waste is kind of necessary, and would be about the same if you were cutting them by hand.  You can get away with an 81/2" to 9" square if you're not using a layer cake.

Rob Peter to Pay Paul

This die is actually a set of two:  the center-pieces and the petals.  The petals are split in half so that you do not have bias edges.

I used a 5" x 10" piece of fabric, and it worked beautifully.  Getting six layers through with this die was not a problem at all.

Rob Peter to Pay Paul

As for sewing them together.

Cutting was easy; however, the directions that come with the die say to pin.

Breakfast at Tiffany's

I don't pin unless it's an intersection.

I made about 2 blocks with the pinning method.  AND. I. HATED. IT.

I was heartbroken thinking I might not like or use my beautiful die.

Then I decided to try this method which I have used before for curves.  And it worked!  And suddenly, I loved them again.  The die is set up so there's a scant 1/4" off-set, so I did start it with the pointy part of the petal up almost 1/4".  The little notches lined up almost every time.



What I like about this die:
  • the shape is wonderful
  • easy construction (if you don't use pins)
  • easy to cut
  • beautiful design (I think I already said that)
  • Works well straight or on-point
  • Had no problems whatsoever cutting through the heavy linen (I had it 4 deep)
What I don't like about this die:
  • Working with all those bias edges can get a bit stretchy (I recommend starching your pieces first)
  • The intersections when joining rows are really bulky  (I didn't lose any needles, but my machine kept wanting to eat the under-sides, and I sometimes had to lift the presser foot to get it to move through)
  • Sort of a plus and a minus -- the split on the petal, while making things easier, means it is more difficult to use a reverse of the design and put the print on the petals.
  • It was hard on my cutting mat -- and nearly split it in one spot (which I shall ask accuquilt, but I don't think that's supposed to happen)
  • the cost is prohibitive for some of us
But I think I'll be making a lot more quilts with this die.  I really do like it.

FFA 2 - Rob Peter to Pay Paul

Oh, PS -- For the Breakfast at Tiffany's quilt, I can't decide whether I should do a chenille border (like with this quilt) or go with some of this print.  

Don't forget to leave your Questions!

And if you're looking for what I did with the round flower appliqué die, then you can see it here. :)


Natalia from Piece N Quilt said...

I love it! I wish I wasn't so afraid of curved piecing and I would have gotten that die for sure!!! :)

Johanna said...

That is exactly the die that I always wanted to try! Is there any way to use the leftovers from part one for part two (and if you are asking, yes of course, I would love to take them :) ) I hate wasting that much fabric and was wondering if it could be useful to make another quilt.
And: do you think that the intersections would be easier to sew if the seams were pressed open or is this pretty much the same?
Thanks for having this Q&A

jillquilts said...

The quilt looks great!! Are they 2 separate dies?

PS - would LOVE your scraps! :)

Rafael's Mum said...

That chenille border looked SO good on the babyquilt... I can see it on this one totally! I think I suddenly am having a thing about chenille... I have to go and find some!

Ellen said...

This was a helpful review! A lot of the other reviews I have found use dies for a simpler block but I think that as a tool it would be more useful on the more difficult pieces and parts. I'm not sure I'm getting the right point out, but there it is. Looks beautiful so far!

The One and Only said...

First, I would love to be entered to get your scraps!! Seriously!! Secondly, have you seen the sewing foot that actually does the curve for you? I dunno, just asking!!

Amy said...

That was a great choice and a wonderful review. If you are serious about the scraps, I'd love them!

Megan said...

What a neat review! Very happy to read about the different dies and the cutter itself!

Oh, and I'd love to take your scraps off your hands!

sales4mp at gmail dot com

Kerry said...

the die cuts look stunning with the Heather Ross FFA2, a reveal effect

Brenda said...

I love how your quilt has turned out. The colors pop and like stars.
Thanks for the honest review of the Go

Peris said...

This block would be super cute for pillows!!!! I love the shape!!!This is not the same machine that you mentioned before the smaller one??? but they can use the same dyes????

Jenn said...

Very nice! I just got ordered some fabric to make a Breakfast at Tiffany's quilt. (so I think the scraps would be great.)

AllieKatMom said...

Uggg....Im soooooo jealous! I want one soooooo bad!

Manda said...

Wow!Thanks for the review. I'd never have picked that die from the picture of the die but after seeing that quilt it might be a whole reason to get a Go! Love it!

paulette said...

I have this die still in the wrapper!! LOVE your examples and thanks for including the video!!! LOve it!! Can't wait to GO! for it!

Regina said...

Tracey, great review. I have the Curve Master foot and the video you showed is the exact same way you use the foot. I was wondering when I got it if the foot was really necessary or if it was all about technique. Guess now I know. :)

It looks like your scraps have been requested already but if you're ever feeling generous feel free to send some my way. I'm trying to get a bit going so I can work on an applique quilt for Eddie. It's very cool and very intimidating!

Oh and I'm still working on the quilt along. I'll blog about my progress today or tomorrow.

Leah said...

I love this quilt! Thanks for the informative review! I also love curves in quilts & this one is just fabulous! :)

Fuschia said...

Breakfast at Tiffany's scraps!?! Um, yeah.

That is beautiful! Not that you didn't know that already. ;)

Susan Lock said...

Love this quilt! You have now convinced me that I will have to get this die. Seeing as the petals are two pieces can you use your scraps to make petals? I like the print for the border...

Sarah Craig said...

You know me, Tracey - we can always use scraps for the quilt ministry! And those are so pretty!! Petty quilt, too!

Marcia said...

Great tutorial. Your quilts are lovely. I would be willing to take your fabric leftovers from cutting. I'm good at using little bits - my grandnieces like the doll quilts and church the lap quilts. Don't know why, but it never occurred to me that using a layer cake and the 10x10 cutter would be an easy way to skip the prep work of pressing and move faster through cutting. Thanks for the tip. Of course, I am assuming that down the road will actually own a GO! Will be visiting later for more of your tutorials.

Lovie said...

I see that several have already asked for your scraps. If you ever get any more, I will gladly pay postage.
With the side pieces of this die. Will a jelly roll strip cover one section?
Also for the notches are they spaced in the middle - where I could use them to line up for fussy cuts?

Mama Pea said...

Very pretty. Looks like something fun to work on. I would love to try some curved piecing. This would be the way to do it...when you know they are cut accurately and when you have your notches all marked...

Crystal said...

How beautiful!! I am in love with one. And I would love your scraps too! And if your partner doesn't want the pillow, you can send it to me :)

Crystal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mary said...

Thanks for sharing the youtube video about sewing curves . . . AWESOME!!! Doesn't look so scary after all!

Poppyprint said...

wow, look at all these comments! It looks like the linen ones of FFAII went together really well - they are totally flat and look bang on....was it easier to piece the curve with the heavier fabric?

When you say it almost split your matt in one spot, is that the white matt that looks like it came with the Accuquilt, or your own cutting mat?

Arantxa said...

What a beautiful quilt Tracey!!! You're a lucky girl for having this super-machine. I love it! but I think I'm not so prolific in patchwork to have it, it cost so much.

Julie Rutter said...

Great review. The die is wonderful. I had a quick watch of the no-pin tutorial too and think I'd better gives curves a try after all! Juliex

Kristen said...

Both quilt and blocks are very pretty! What linen did you use with the FFA2?

While the results are fabulous, I am still not sold on this cutter. So much waste!

Although I think if they came up with a Dresden plate ice cream border I would be sold! I'm paper piecing that now.

pinksuedeshoe said...

Oh wow! These look so pretty. I love them! Also.... I didn't really read through all 30 comments, but if you have some scraps I'd love them. I'll trade you. I'll send you some very cute 2T jeans that I bought at the thrift store. My friend spied them and told me they were girl jeans. Totally for boys, which I didn't realize until I got home. But they are in excellent shape! Actually, I'm sending them to you anyway. You're the only kindred spirit I know who has a little 2T boy. :o)


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