Monday, October 19, 2009

Blogging again

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At least that's the plan. I will say that life is a little easier to manage now that I'm getting around 7 hours of sleep each night. I think my memory has improved too.
In my new quest for quilt patterns and ideas, I have found all these cool blogs, and the women who write them have inspired me (wait for my side-bar list to be updated soon) . This blog will probably primarily be about the stuff I'm working on, intermingled with random musings.
First though, I need to get you all up to speed. (You know, you all being the 2 or so people who read this) ;) I started with my biggest project. I can't believe he's six months old... I took this picture of him the other day... my little Steiger Jay.

OK, on to the rest:
My first completed quilt is here. I call it the "I'm a good wife and I'm sorry your team is sucking but now I can get back to playing with pretty fabric" quilt.

The first in my line of "ruffle butts" (this one went to my niece Molly... I have a couple more I was working on tonight, but apparently the sound of the sewing machine was the possible source of Steiger's sleep disruption, so they will be finished later).
Behind the ruffle butt is a little teaser of a special quilt top I've been piecing the last couple months. It's by far my favorite so far, but will not be revealed until Christmas.

In the morning I'll show you Molly's finished quilt that my mom is taking to her this week (a bit jealous I'm not joining them), and my first one of these (I'm so excited I found a pattern for my Christmas gift bags!)

Maybe I'll also snap a picture of my work station, and why I'm so excited to possibly get a new desk and re-organized office which will become my sewing space.

Good night for now!


Codie said...

that picture looks like it's done by a pro. :) very sweet

Erin said...

that picture is amazing, good job. and nice to see you're blogging again. do i get to consider myself your inspiration, in small part? :)

Tracey said...

Thanks... and of course Erin!


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