Sunday, March 4, 2012

"Pottery Barn" pillows

Pin It My cousin is getting married at the end of this month... I knew that.
My husband's birthday is March 1... I knew that too.
My cousin's bridal shower was March 3... knew that.

BUT -- somehow, I didn't put together that March was THIS MONTH of all things.  Oh yes, I remembered Jay's birthday, but still, I manged to not quite grasp the fact that March 3 was this Saturday, and oh yea, I hadn't got a gift yet.

Being's that this was Friday when I finally understood that the shower was the next day (my mom asked me if I had RSVP'd yet), and the shower was a brunch in the morning, getting in to town to get a gift wasn't going to happen (especially being that they were registered at stores that are 90+ miles away).

OK - So I figured I'd make her a couple pillows.

To further complicate things... she didn't actually register for any textiles, so I couldn't copy her color schemes that way.  Knowing that she works at Pottery Barn though, I pulled out my latest catalog, and figured that she'd like the colors from their latest issue... a lovely mix of taupe, cream, gray, and with touches of steely blue and a bit of green.

This was me working on them late at night (Scarlet didn't go to sleep until 11:45 pm... yes, she has teeth coming in)

pottery barn pillows WIP


"pottery barn" pillows

And I only had one pillow form on hand, but this is a really cute panel from French General's La Petite Ecole line I cut up and framed with some Kokka.  Looked very Pottery Barn to me.

"pottery barn" pillows

All wrapped up and ready to go Saturday morning!

"pottery barn" pillows

And she seemed to like them very much.  And was even impressed with my little gift tag. :)


Heidi @ Boys, Buttons, and Butterflies said...

Because YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!

Katie B. said...

These are beautiful! I love that you didn't have time to go shopping so you just whipped up some pillows. :)

paige said...

I love these pillows! Great job - can't believe you whipped them together so quickly. And the tag is adorable, how did you make it?

felicity said...

YOU, Madam, are a rock star. That is all.

Ducks and Rabbits said...

Love them! I am seriously impressed/awed/amazed that you whipped those up in one night! They would take me days of constant activity to pull off!

Manda said...

Beautiful! And I love the gift tag, what a great idea! :)

Pam Gavin said...

Fabulous pillows I think I could actually do! Love how you've quilted the pillows. Love your blog!

Kim said...

Good grief, how fast are you! Very, very impressed.

Diane said...

Great job on the last min gift!

ktru456 said...

Love the colors. Those came out great!


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