Monday, March 26, 2012

a pretty little dress

Pin It Before I get carried away... some logistics:

Thanks for all the love on my first pattern. :)
My giveaway for a Rouenneries Deux layer cake and a copy of the pattern, French Kisses, is going on here until Wednesday.

ready for binding
Secret Garden version of pattern -- back from and ready for binding!

On Wednesday, we'll be starting our Quilt-Along.  Really I just want to see how everyone's quilt looks, because I have yet to see a fabric group used in real life or in computer form that doesn't look good (like look at this progress from Kristy, in Patty Young's Lush).   I also thought it'd be handy to have a place where I can help give clarification and what-not.  I won't be giving explicit cutting or piecing directions, as they're all included in the pattern (with lots of diagrams if you're feeling intimidated), but I'll be around to help answer questions, make sure you have enough fabric if you want to change sizes, that sort of thing. :)

French Kisses with love birds


Now -- on to my post for today.

I made Scarlet a little dress.

Amy at PeekaBoo Pattern Shop needed her new pattern, the Natalie, tested.  And she needed it in the 6 mos. size.

"I have an almost six month old, and I've been wanting to learn how to sew her clothing," I thought.  So I volunteered.  And I made her this dress.

There were a couple tricky spots for me to figure out (it's been a LONG time since I've sewn clothes, like since junior high long time, and I haven't worked with knits), but it still turned out pretty cute.

I changed a couple things, and would change my methods again were I to make it again, but it was still fun, and I felt accomplished. :)

And it fits her pretty well too!

natalie dress look

The fabric is a pink knit I got at JoAnn's, and a piece from Laura Gunn's new Garden Walk (Wee Sprig I believe it's called... in pink).

natalie dress smile copy

It's fun having a baby girl to sew little baby girl things for.

what's that mom?
I love her expressions

So I hope you don't mind seeing pink around here more often. :)

I'm sure I'll branch out eventually.

smile natalie dress
(and her fuzzy hair and her sticky-outy ears). :)

But why mess with a good thing, right? 

(Baby girl got sick last night, pukey sick, for the first time.  I felt clueless about what to do!  Steiger didn't get his first pukes until he was 2 1/2, and it's only been once - yes, we're lucky - she did OK last night, and has kept her breakfast down so far this morning and is sleeping now, I hope we're through the worst of it!)

And I hope I get my binding done! :)

Linking to Quilt Story's Fabric Tuesday. :)

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Sunnybec said...

Aww they are lovely pictures and I didn't see the fuzzy hair or the sticky outy ears... all I saw was a beautiful smile. Hope she is okay now and no more sick .. yuk!! Hugs

felicity said...

My favourite is the stink-eye/eyebrow raised one. :) Bring on the pink!!

Sorry about the pukes - I really hope little Miss is on her way back to health!

Kristy QP said...

Oh Scarlet looks so sweet in her dress! Hope that she is feeling better soon :)

Thanks for the link to my progress post :) I'm just about to go sew all my blocks together - can't wait to see how it looks! :)

pinksuedeshoe said...

That dress is so cute! I love it, what a sweetie little girl you have.

Katie B. said...

Oh, sorry your little girl has been sick! Her new dress looks adorable.

Rebecca said...

She is adorable! I can't believe she's six months already.

Kim said...

That's such a pretty dress! My daughter is seven now and will NOT under any circumstances let me sew clothes for her now. Sad!

Dana Gaffney said...

Yes, bring on the pink, I love that dress. I had so much fun making my daughter little dresses and matching hair ribbons. I still won't use the scraps from some of my favorites.

heartsease54 said...

What a cutie pie! And she looks wonderful in pink, of course, most redheads do.

Heidi @ Buttons and Butterflies said...

Wait a minute! We both made outfits for our babies!! I think they are meant to be...consider Button in line as a suitor!!!


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