Thursday, March 1, 2012

a little makeover

Pin It I try to do this every year.

This year was a little late, for obvious reasons.

I've been in love with this peachy/strawberry/corally color lately... so I went with it.
This was my first one -- I liked it, but something felt off.

This was #2 -- felt a little more balanced, but still not right.

This was #3 -- I finally figured out how to use the frame feature, but it was heavy to the left.

Ah -- shrink down the quilt blocks, balance out the photo size a bit -- ♥

So what do you all think?  (just tell me I picked the best one so I can get back to sewing)... ;)

I'll actually be doing other makeovers at home too.

Starting, I think, with this framed little window-box type thing that is painted a garrish gold.  It will be going in Scarlet's room (after we put the wall in Steiger's new room)... I see Robin Egg's Blue perhaps.

Making over a baby girl's nursery is thrilling and scary at the same time; I'm just hoping my mom will give input... she's much better at this sort of thing than I am.

Anyone else like me?  Great with fabric and not so much with decor???

I think this will be my inspiration...

from Riley Blake's Marguerite line coming soon

I also really want to figure out how to make one of these for Steiger man too... (from Sweetwater)

And we need to get the garden ready for planting... hmmm, this weekend is looking busy.

Oh! It's the hubs' 30th birthday today (yes, that does make me a cougar)  ;)

I love that handsome bloke.

Happy Birthday Honey.
We are more grateful for you than you know.

(and y'all just have to see this picture of him from when he was little... you see where Steiger gets his good looks, no?)  My mother-in-law says it's eerie sometimes when she's with Steiger, because it's like having little Jay all over again.  

Thanks for passing those good genes on to our kiddos honey. ;)  And Happy Birthday.


Erin said...

Ha ha ha, you Cougar you!

Heidi @ Boys, Buttons, and Butterflies said...

Love this..and stealing your numbers for another project in the oldest room...okay?

pinksuedeshoe said...

Love the header, love the Marguerite fabric, love you. And happy birthday's all around :)

Cat said...

tee hee I'm a cougour too - I have an 0 birthday next year .. .. ..

I LOVE that photo of your hubby - OMG he looks SO like your lil man

Sara said...

How about good with fabric and not with picking out clothes so much?!
(That's me!)

That new Riley Blake reminds me a bit of Meadowsweet.

Happy Birthday to the ole' man! hehehe

QuiltNut Creations said...

loving the new header! great job.

Karin said...

your hubby shares a b-day with my youngest son! (although my son is 18 today). I don't think I've ever been a cougar, LOL.

Dana Gaffney said...

You picked the right one, it's wonderful. I thought that was a picture of Steiger, amazing.

Sarah Craig said...

Beautiful new header (yes you picked the right one!) and tell your hubby happy birthday for me!!

Poppyprint said...

Yup, that's the right header. Not only does S look just like J, he's got the same wardrobe! Happy day J!

Library Gal Quilts said...

Wow! They surely do look alike! Your new pixs are great! And I love the colors too. That little sweetie of yours is going to have a beautiful new room! Gardening is right around the corner I have to get on it too! Yikes!

Bronwyn said...

I am looking forward to the French Kisses quiltalong - love both versions of your pattern! Would you mind sharing how you made your header?


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