Friday, March 30, 2012

more fabric love (and a winner)

Pin It Thank you again for all the support on my new pattern!

So without further ado... a big congratulations to Mary for winning the Rouenneries Deux layer cake and pattern!

I decided to give away an extra copy of the pattern, and Jenny won that one!  (I'll be emailing you ladies)

I look forward to seeing both of you, and any one else in our quilt along group.  It's a casual quilt along, that you do at your own pace; I really just wanted a place to be available to answer people's questions and see everyone's work.  Kelly did do an awesome job testing for me, and gave me very valuable feedback for clarifying, but if any of the rest of you have a question or just want to show off, that is a good place to go.  I won't be giving explicit cutting or piecing directions; we'll basically be sharing our work.  So if you love the pattern, and want to join with us... please do so. :)  (AND -- for any of you paper pattern lovers, I called a printing company yesterday to figure that out; they will hopefully be available soon).


For the first time this week, both my children are sleeping. 
I didn't know what to do with myself; I just knew I had to stay QUIET so as to not jinx it (seriously, Scarlet has been cat-napper extraordinaire, and Steiger hasn't been napping at all).  

Cutting is quiet, and since I went on a teeny tiny fabric binge this month, I started cutting.
These aren't all the exact fabrics I'm cutting right now, but some of them are in my pile. 

I've decided I'm going to make a Spring quilt, and I'm going to name it "Favorite Quilt."  If the fabric doesn't make me feel happy, it doesn't get included.  

Anyway -- my mouse might have got me in to a little bit of trouble.  (side note to my Honey -- they were all really good deals... extra coupons on top of sales kind of good deals, and it motivated me to pull out more things to destash, so it's like breaking even if you really think about it -- and I promise I'll wait a long time before I do it again...yes, I feel guilty...)

new blenders

Lots of pretty blenders... if you're curious about any specific ones, click on the picture and I'll name them for you in flickr (or leave a comment if you don't have a flickr account).
But who doesn't love a rainbow, right Kelly?

I practiced incredible restraint with the Pez prints, and only got a FQ bundle with a few selected half-yard additions.

Pezzy print

I just love these Michael Miller "Falling Flowers."
(and again Honey -- I wanted to get all the color ways, but stuck with these four; you should be proud because they were on sale and I have had them in my virtual cart for a couple months).

Michael Miller Falling flowers

I snagged a few pieces from Heather Bailey's re-release of Fresh Cut (oh how I wish that woman would release a new line... and soon!)

fresh cut by Heather Bailey

And of course, I had to get some Flea Market Fancy Legacy. 

Flea Market Fancy legacy

My history told me I hadn't placed an order since October of last year (!!!), which really I just used to justify my bad behavior. 

I've decided next year I'll need to give up buying fabric for Lent.

(but they're so pretty)


Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Woo hoo...that "Mary" is me! I love your French Kisses pattern and can't wait to make it with Rouenarries Deux!

Sarah Craig said...

They are awfully pretty fabrics - and I must confess, I got some of that FMF Legacy myself!!!

Jenny said...

thanks so much for the pattern tracey! i loved what kelly did with it on flickr!

Kelly said...

Congrats to the winners! And, really? Who doesn't love a rainbow? It's impossible to hate a rainbow!

Kate said...

Wow, those are some gorgeous fabric selections! I really wish I had that skill :-)

justacraftymom said...

what great purchases!!!! It's making me have to justify a purchase for myself, LOL!

Sara said...

I like how you said you will call it your favorite quilt and what ever doesn't make you feel happy doesn't get included! Sounds like you needed to sew and sew now!!

That Fresh Cut looks so pretty..I had forgotten how pretty her stuff is and yes she should come out with something new already!! Maybe we should protest:P

Kristie said...

All of those fabrics are making me drool! How could you be expected to resist, seriously? And your favorite quilt sounds like a great idea!

pinksuedeshoe said...

I am in love with blenders. They are by far my favorite type of fabric. I am always drawn to them. I love the collection you've got going on, it's going to be lovely!

Kelly said...

i love the justifying your fabric buying to your husband...i need to start coming up with justifications for my fabric purchases before this month before the credit card statement comes. :)

Heidi @ Buttons and Butterflies said...

My mouth is stuck in a permenant O right now. WOW! That is sooome fabric!!! I feel sooo much better about my buying vice now!


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