Friday, November 19, 2010

bee blocks in the mail

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Well... most of them have been picked up by now.  

For Amy -- Christmas Dresdens

Amy's Christmas Dresden

Amy's Christmas Dresden

For Kelly -- we got to pick our block; she's making a quilt for her Grandparents' 50th Wedding Anniversary (they were married on Christmas day)

I did LOTS of little 1" squares (196 to be exact)

Lots of little squares for Kelly

I was trying to add some symbolism with this block -- 
I'll explain my thinking -- 

- I decided they needed some good old fashioned patchwork

- the bottom is mostly aqua (we'll say that represents Grandpa), and the top is more pink (we'll say that's for Grandma)... the idea isn't perfect because I had more aqua fabric than pink, but the idea is that though they may have started separately, you can no longer tell where one life begins and the other ends... also...
- in 50 years, one collects so many little pieces of life all sewn together.

And another Dresden for Kelly -- it's beautiful in Bliss

Kelly's Christmas Dresden

This one is for Cat and the Fresh and Funky Bee.

Cat's tree block

The tree was made a la "Girl on a Swing", with my hand as the trunk.  Summer was the season I was depicting. 

These pinwheels within a pinwheel blocks were for the adorable 12 Days by Kate Spain.  

second block for Cherie

Block #1 for Cherie

And finally -- a little house and little tree for Sue in our Bee Splendid group.

little house for Sue

little tree for Sue


I'm waiting on fabric for one more set, and then have a few more to sew, but then I'm done for the year!


Melissa said...

Wow, way to go Tracey!! How many Bee groups are you in??

Poppyprint said...

Good effort!! You will have a lot of quilt tops to sew together for yourself when these bees are over, Tracey! Do you have a new baby yet? (the kind you plug in and thread?)

Anonymous said...

ALL BEAUTIFUL Tracey!! :) Esther

Sue said...

Wow you are in a lot of bees! Love all of your blocks, especially the house and the tree ;)

Jenn said...

Makes me tired thinking about doing all those... but I love the symbolism in the one for the 50th anniversary. I noticed the color aspect, and like why you did that.

jabeybaby said...

Beautiful blocks! I really love the 'girl on a swing' tree, what a cool idea!

Sara said...

Girl on a Swing with your hand in there is very clever;) You accomplished a lot---give yourself a huge hug for me k!

Mama Pea said...

I just love everything I see sewn in Bliss. I love how you fussy cut the center of that Dresden block made of Bliss.

Fuschia said...

What a wonderful sentiment for the anniversary quilt! I'm such a sap. ;)

Big Mama said...

you do such wonderful work Tracey! I think you are amazing


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