Sunday, April 1, 2012

little pink quilt finished and swapped

Pin It I have a friend who crochets hats.  Very cute hats.

And even though she knows how to make quilts, and I (used to) know how to crochet, we figured a little swap was better for both of us.
pink baby quilt

Her baby girl was turning one; I asked her what palette she liked, and she linked me to this one.

I had some charm squares from Hello Luscious by Basic Grey, and some old Blush fat quarters.  I added some Porcelain Bella solid and put together this little number.

Jen tells me that her little Miss loved it.

Surprise!Happy Birthday sweet girl!

And Scarlet loves her little hat.
Scarlet's new hat

(Steiger got a hat too, but he is becoming increasingly difficult to capture on camera, but he likes to put it over the front of his face and tell me he's getting bad guys.)

If you are interested in a happy little crocheted hat (and she does other stuff too), go see her at Jenny Pancakes.  She does custom orders, and is quick too!

(and I have to thank Jen for snapping some pictures for me because I finished this after midnight the night before I mailed it -- she's a natural quilty photographer I'd say!)

(And in flickr, many of you have asked for a tutorial on this... I'll add it to the list, but it's really quite easy to do, and requires no paper piecing). ;)

and P.S. --- look at what has started happening at our house...


Charlotte said...

hahaaha! I love that stage, when you put them in one place, leave the room, and come back to find the cupboards emptied out onto the floor! Great quilt and adorable hat - a brilliant swap on both sides!

Cille said...

You'll be busy the next few months trying to keep up with her :) Great swap - the quilt is beauitiful.

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

Beautiful quilt and your little girl is adorable! :)

Kirsten N said...

Gorgeous quilt Tracey - love all of the different fabrics and shades of "pinks" that you have used.

Anonymous said...

Oh, she's moving! You are in SO much trouble now! LOL Your pink quilt is fabulous, and so are Jen's photos. I love the hat you swapped for, as well, and I'm going over to see what's what on her blog.


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