Monday, February 27, 2012

well phooey...

Pin It The UPS man had this for me today...

But sadly the laundry and dishes fairy didn't visit our house this weekend, so it will have to just sit there looking pretty.

Vintage Modern

This is the fabric for my next quilt pattern.  I've had the design all worked up in my head (another one I dreamt up while nursing Scarlet in the wee hours of the morning) and on EQ for a while, and I am really excited to see it actualized in fabric.

Speaking of things looking pretty... here is Miss Scarlet in her new hat.

Scarlet's new hat


My friend Jen made it... we're doing a little trade; I'm making her daughter a quilt, and she's making my kiddos little hats.  I know how to crochet blankets (or I used to at least), but nothing fancy like this.  I REALLY want to learn to knit... anyone know a good "teach yourself to knit" resource?

And thank you for all the encouragement with the coming very soon French Kisses pattern. :)  It's nearly complete!  I just have the finishing directions to add... oh, and it'd probably be good to get the quilt back from Lindsay (at Eileen Quilts) and take a pretty cover photo.  I'm trying to think of Parisian places I can take it to... I'll have to keep thinking.

Sharon from Lilabelle Lane was so sweet to ask her husband to make me a quilt along button...

It's in the sidebar, but feel free to grab one!

Tracey Jay Quilts

Fabric requirements again:

10 light fat quarters as background (+ one quarter yard for border pieces)
10 medium/dark fat quarters

-- OR --

2 5/8 background yardage (includes border pieces)
and a layer cake or 10 medium/dark fat quarters

2 1/2 yds for the outer border (if you want to miter your corners)
5/8 yd. binding (cut at 2 1/4")
5 yds backing (will be more than enough to create the extra needed to send it to a long-armer if you'd like -- I used some extra fat quarters for my backing + 3 yds I believe)


Cascade Quilts said...

EEEEP! That fabric the UPS man brought you is pure loveliness! I'm guessing it's for an upcoming MBS project? Hmmmm?

Your little Scarlet is just plain ADORABLE! I didn't have the luck in having a girl of my own, but maybe someday I'll have a granddaughter to sew lovely pink and pastel things for! (and that aqua Farmdale flower print is my ALL TIME favorite print, everything I see with that print makes me swoon!)

Heather D. said...

Oooh, nice fabric! You must have more restraint than I do because I think the housework would wait if something like that came to my door!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh, your girl is soooooo adorable!
If you don't have time for the fabric, I'll be happy to give you my adress, so you won't feel guilty not using it? Deal? No, I'm afraid not LOL.
I've knitted a lot, but am no teacher what so ever. But when I need some tis, I run to youtube :-)
May be this can give you some hints and tips, she does have a lot of video's

Dutch hugs

Heidi Grohs said...

I am so sorry you hav to neglect that poor pole, but alas we all can relate!

Sara said...

Vintage modern----next up on my list to purchase as well friend;)

Gosh that girl of yours is sweet with her new pink knitted hat!!

Megan said...

Aw man, I hate it when the laundry and dishes fairies take the weekend off! Scarlet looks too adorable in her little hat!

justacraftymother said...

Love your little girls big cheeky smile! I am going to do your quilt along!

Katie @SwimBikeQuilt said...

phew! this is going to be a huge quilt!!! have fun with it. Congrats on your first pattern, too :)

Cat said...

she is simply gorgeous xxx

Jenn said...

I think you should come up to the Sundial bridge to take your photos so I can you see you and the kids. I'll hold Scarlet while you take pictures!

Erika :: Ollie & Olina said...

I'm learning to knit too! Just made a cowl for myself. I started here:
and watched a lot of You Tube videos. Enjoy!

Camille said...

That picture just made my whole day. What a sweet baby girl!

PS- I was rooting for a girl. :-)


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