Monday, October 25, 2010

60 sewing days until...

Pin It Christmas!  (not to panic you or anything)

I'm on my way, but I've got a list (and just like myself, I keep adding to it).

At least I'll have a few decorations though. :)

There was a package waiting for me when I got home from subbing on Friday (Steiger was with Daddy in the harvester)... Kendra spoiled me in the All About Christmas Swap.

All About Christmas swap from Kendra!

She sent four stockings (she was planning ahead with me, in hopes that the fourth will be in use for next Christmas), some kid friendly ornaments (thank you!), a super cute pillow that will match my Christmas Bee quilt PERFECTLY, a book on decorating (she's been reading my blog and knows I need all the help I can get!) and some cute fabric pieces.  Thank you Kendra!  (I got to know Kendra through flickrland... I love that place). :)

my new stocking  All About Christmas swap from Kendra!

Carol (aka mamacjt ... aka Doll Quilt Queen) was my partner.  Here's what I sent her.

All About Christmas swap items

I really wanted to keep this pillow for myself (especially now that it would go so well with the one Kendra sent) ;)

Christmasy pillow  All About Christmas swap items

The little ornament wall hanging was a leftover from this.  I had made a couple of the blocks from jaybirds' hexagon quilt along, but knew the rest were not going to happen this year.  So I used them in this little wall hanging, and loved how it turned out.


I mentioned at the top we have 60 sewing days until Christmas.  Here's what's on my sewing table.

Reworking my tree-skirt design for my sister-in-law (and myself)...

tree skirt WIP

And my goal is to not buy any presents this year, but to just make the gifts I've purchased fabric for over the months (with specific recipients in mind)...

Christmas gift WIP

Christmas gift WIP

Christmas gift WIP

You might notice those above projects aren't necessarily my first choice in fabrics... 
so I've got a few to finish up for myself too (as soon as we get that new machine -- crossing fingers!)

One from a long time ago to finish:

WIP to be quilted

And a couple more...

WIP to be quilted

WIP to be finished

(Patterns and/or tutorials coming soon for these last two)

Last but not least -- 

I've got 5 days to finish Steiger's Halloween costume, and this little custom quilt needs to be finished and  sent on to its tiny owner!

Back to sewing for me!


Elizabeth D. said...

Holy moly, only 60 days?? Yikes, I better get a move on! I love the pillow you made for your swap, so very pretty! I love the diamonds on your Pure and Bliss quilts, haven't tried diamonds before, but now I'm curious! A tutorial would be great!

Wendy said...

Some really nice gifts.

Cherie said...

EEEK! 60 days?!?!? I need to get to work to finish a lot of projects...

Sara said...

You have got your work cut out for you lady!! Good thing you received all those goodies in the mail to keep you on track!!

60 more days--yikes!

AllieKatMom said...

Oh great, thanks for that reminder. lol

Love what you got in your dang cute! Plus the forth stocking is so sweet of her.

Arantxa said...

Beautiful projects Tracey!!!! I think this is going to be another year without doing anything about Christmas, only very little projects, so I think I'm going to buy most of my interior decorating for Christmas. Kisses.

A Plain Path said...

What a joyful, inspiring swap! The gifts you received and sent out were perfectly adorable!!! Looks like your homemade gifts will be fabulous...far better than any store bought items.


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