Monday, June 4, 2012

June's Just Three!

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Here's my recap:

1) Finish Penny Candy quilt and pattern. :)

Quilt top is done in big and baby version -- BUT -- my quilter is about to have her hands even fuller with a new sweet babe... so I'm gonna wait a bit.  

But here's a link to where you can find the fabric requirements if it looks like something you'll love.  I *might* publish the pattern before I get the quilt back... we'll see.

2) Finish quilts for photographer swap and get pictures of the kiddos done!  (I also need to get #1 done, so maybe I can get professional pics of the quilt top at the same time... this sounds like a great idea to me) ;)

I have the second quilt basted (big thank you to Kelly for her spray basting video tutorial... SO much faster!)

I actually basted all of these quilts in progress, and can't wait to get them quilted! :)

It was challenging for me to do, but for the second quilt, I gave her my "If it's a boy" quilt.  It was the quilt I made while pregnant with Scarlet (since we decided not to peak until she made her grand entrance in to the world)... and I had an irrational attachment to the quilt, because in my mind, I had made it for one of my babies (though there was never a boy in there)... 

"If it's a boy" quilt

I made myself feel better by telling myself that the quilt will live on in the pictures of many new little newborn babes, and I will have the satisfaction of beautiful pictures of my family to keep.  (It did make it easier).  I can't wait to see the pictures!

3) Make some bags.  Michelle has a new pattern coming soon, and I'm going to make one for my future SIL, and maybe one for me too.  And maybe a couple Mother's Day gifts...we'll see how it goes around here. 

I cut the fabric for 3 bags, and made one of them.  And didn't get a picture of it, because I finished it at midnight and had to be at the bridal shower the next morning  (1 1/2 hours away).


Now for June's goals: 

1) Quilt those three quilts I basted.  (I am tempted to leave my goal at this honestly... but I will go on). 

2) Make window coverings for my baby's new rooms (I'm thinking ruffles for Scarlet, and colorblock for Steiger).

3) Work on, or don't work on whatever best helps my sanity.  This is our busiest month of the year -- even busier than planting -- and if I get through without a complete meltdown, I will be proud proud proud.  I'm a Mom first... and will be working to show my babes how much I adore them.  (And make sure my husband is fed... but I won't really be seeing much of him, so I'll adore him next month). ;)

Thanks for playing along!

Go ahead and link up! :)  I love seeing your reports! 


Marian said...

Tracey I love the pattern! You really make beautiful quilts. All three of those that you basted are wonderful!

I love your goals. Especially that one of them includes sanity. That is so smart. I feel like this is going to be the busiest month of our year (not for as good reasons as you have though) and if I can get through it that will be an accomplishment itself.

I can't even remember if I linked up last month but am going to this month. I need the focus and something to be proud of at the end of the month! Thanks for hosting this wonderful Idea!

Jamie Lee said...

That is so sweet to give up your boy quilt. It's pretty and I'm sure it will be loved.

Lindsey@HappierThanABirdQuilts said...

No, June already?! I forgot about May...
Great job Tracey!

CJ said...

Still not blogging - too much to do!

These were my May 3;
For May;
#1-make 5 bridesmaid dresses (very simple dresses)
#2-make ring bearer vest/flower girl simple dress
#3-make a quilt with Fig & Plum for dd to use in engagement photo shoot.

What I accomplished -
#1 - dresses done except for hemming

#2 not even started - still trying to get fitting measurements

#3 quilt made and used in photo shoot!

June 3;
#1 finish bridesmaid dresses
#2 make flower girl dress/ring bearer vest
#3 make Urban Cowgirl quilt for decor.

Cathy said...

Your patterns are fabulous! I think I might have to make French Kisses soon!

Sarah Craig said...

Gorgeous quilts, as always, Tracey! Good luck getting them quilted this month! I'm pleased to say I'm finally quilting my Bee Splendid quilt - the center is done, now I've just got the borders to finish!! Woohoo!!

Erin M. said...

I may just be here another month for a Just 3. This sounds like a manageable way to tackle what I want to get done.

Brynn said...

Congratulations on getting so much done this month! Trying to stay on top of everything with little ones running around is soo hard - I'm always impressed with how realistic you are with your goals. We're not Superwomen, though we're still pretty awesome :)

Aunt Spicy said...

All your quilts are lovely! I love your use of color!

Katy Cameron said...

Love what you did this month!

Heidi Grohs said...

I missed April, May and June....I AM ON A ROLL!!!!!

I can imagine the quilt is hard to go..but what a great item for a photographer to have!!!!!

Kate said...

I dropped the ball this month! Maybe one of July's goals should be to actually post my progress (or lack of it)! Good job on your finishes!


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