Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sweet Baby Diamonds are here!

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My LONG ago promised tutorial for these quilts is up at the modabakeshop!

If you're new here -- welcome!

I have to give my little disclaimer -- this tutorial does not give all the specific measurements; however, I did make two of these quilts (with slight variations), and tried to share my methods for those who might want to try a design that seems intimidating (at first).  I would recommend some quilting background, but then you should be able to use the tutorial and end up with something like those things pictured up there.

But I'm not making any promises. ;)

Story on the quilts --

The boy version was started forever ago, but then I changed my mind on the design, and then I made it in Sunkissed and gave it to my new niece, and then the quilt sat.  And sat and sat and sat.  And my belly grew and grew.

Then I had a baby, and the baby this was going to was almost 1 -- so I got it finished.

Then I didn't want to write the tutorial (those are a lot of work yo!)  BUT -- I did it this weekend. :)

And I hope you all like it!

Some more pics of the quilts: 
Little diamonds for Libby

pure baby diamonds

upclose pure baby diamonds

Little diamonds for Libby

I really need to get pictures of these with the babies that own them!

I want to add -- I used this same method for piecing the little lonestar I made Krista!


In other news -- 

I've almost got my Penny Candy pattern done! Hooray!

The pattern will include directions for the full size (84" square) or baby/throw size (54" square).

It's a super fun little pattern, that I'll tell you more about soon... but some of you have been asking about the fabric requirements -- so here they are:

Twenty-five assorted jelly roll strips (2 1/2" x width of fabric) -- OR -- 
Twenty-five assorted 10" squares

3 yards background (white)
1 5/8 yards contrast (red)

1 1/2 yards outer border 
7 1/2 yards backing (if you don't piece any in) -- OR -- 2 1/2 yards of 108"  (I'll use 5 yards and piece some scraps in)
5/8 yards binding (at 2 1/4" wide)

Here's a picture of the baby version!

These mock-ups feature Vintage Modern by Bonnie & Camille for Moda, but I have made another sample,  but in Denyse Schmidt fabrics (she did inspire the design after all!)

Anyway -- Thanks for coming by!

I hope you enjoy the tutorial!

♥ Tracey

(and now a couple recent family pictures)
the little ringbearer at his Uncle's wedding last weekend

Mama and miss Scarlet. :)


Cille said...

Congratulations with your Diamonds quilt on Modabakedhop. It is gorgeous. The border on the boy quilt is right in the eye. And the new pattern... I've said it before but that is a 'want to do' quilt for me. I've got just the jelly roll to make it with :)

SoozeM said...

Congrats on getting published on Bakeshop again, your diamonds quilt is gorgeous! I have a jelly roll of Sweetwater Pure put away (somewhere!) for something special! Can't wait for your Penny Candy pattern either!! I don't know how you do it all, but I am glad you do :)

Sarah Craig said...

Both quilts are so gorgeous, Tracey! I especially love Penny Candy - it almost looks like Christmas - like a snowflake! Great work!!

Cathy said...

woo hoo! aren't you just cooking with gas! Really lovely patterns!!!

Katy Cameron said...

They both look great, love the vibrant coloured one

felicity said...

Everything about this post made me smile. :)

Heidi Grohs said... always

Katie B. said...

Love the diamonds, Tracey! And your kids are adorable as always. Steiger is looking so dapper!

Vesuviusmama said...

Wonderful quilts! I'm going go take a look at those tutorials!

Bree said...

Oooh, I can't wait to see Penny Candy! Love the diamond quilts :)

Kate said...

You're just the model of productivity this week! Jealous!! Your quilts are gorgeous, your pattern is amaze-balls, and your kids are adorable. What more could you ask for!?

Kelsey said...

Oooh love the Penny Candy Pattern!

twin fibers said...

:) You're family is so cute!!! I love the new patterns, too! :)

CJ said...

Loving this pattern and thinking I might try to make this for my CA King sized bed. So I'll be watching for the pattern to be released. I do think I want to do one more row to the lenght and hope figuring the extra yardage won't be too much trouble.
Now to decide on the fabric...


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