Monday, June 11, 2012

On day 1

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The #1 craziest, busiest time of the year has started for us, but I am determined to make it as wonderful as it can possibly be.

So today, while we were thinking of Daddy (out in the hot sun wearing a tyvex suit hoisting around 50 gallon barrels from 5 am until 9 pm... sorry, I digress... we...

- Watered the new garden (we planted really late this year, but better late than never!  You can get away with this when you live in CA)

- got dressed up in our Halloween costume and insisted Mommy call us "Buddy"
Hi Buddy!

- made some cookies dough

- got tired out and took a nap in our costume (is this not the sweetest thing)...

Buddy was tired

- had a quilty photo shoot (more coming soon)

8 months old

- ran in the sprinkler in our undies



We got baths, and fed, and Daddy had dinner ready when he got home.
And I managed to sew 1/2 of a seam... so about 4 1/2" of sewing today. :)

All in all, Day 1 of crazy season was a success. 

Here's to many more, and Daddy having a supernatural ability to keep cool and rested.


(Wait... did I say many more -- I meant not too many more, and may they pass quickly).

Amen again.


Dana Gaffney said...

Steiger looks wonderful, as does Miss Scarlet. I love that costume, did you make it? If you keep sewing like that you'll have one of those quilts people say took them a year to make, impressive. LOL

Melissa Corry said...

The dinosaur costume is adorable with little Steiger in it. And Scralet it getting so big so fast!! Good Luck getting through the season :)

Angela said...

Steiger is killing me in that costume. What a doll!

Pieces to Love said...

Awww, 'Buddy' is adorable and so is his sister, looks like you had a great day overall.

Brynn said...

And on Day 1, everyone had fun, ate, and slept. And you survived - sounds like an awesome day! Here's to more successful days!

Katy Cameron said...

Good luck with crazy season!

Poppyprint said...

You're off to a great start. Good luck for the remainder. Sweet nap photo!! I was doing Charlotte's move in yoga yesterday (Happy Baby)!!

Kirsten N said...

That dinosaur costume is amazing!

Erika L. said...

We love dinosaur train here too!!

Megan said...

"Buddy" is adorable! Hope y'all survive the season in good spirits!

Hollie said...

Steiger's T-shirt is the best!

Heidi Grohs said...

My heart started beating irradically at the ABSOLUTE adorable Steiger...and Miss Scarlet? She isn't half bad either!!!!


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