Wednesday, June 27, 2012

WIP Wednesday - foofy and girley

Pin It In case Scarlet is a tom-boy when she advances her verbal skills, I'm taking this opportunity to make her world the epitome of sweetsey.  Cutesy, sweetsey, pretty, and with lots of pink.

This includes her new crib sheet made from one of my favorite prints from Chez Moi's Sophie (and it goes with the Chenille quilt I just finished).  I used Angela's crib sheet tutorial, and it worked really well -- I might shorten the length a little when I make another (because she obviously needs more crib sheets). ;)

new crib sheet

The best part about this crib sheet -- I was worried that the print was a little too busy for a crib sheet, and I should have gone with something more basic, but she loves to look at the flowers when she wakes up.  No tears if Mommy is a little slow!

new crib sheet

I wanted a patchwork wall in Scarlet's room, but I decided I'd use the best feature of the room -- the bay windows -- and make patchwork panel curtains instead.

Scarlet's patchwork curtains WIP

I used, again, the prettiest, girliest, sweetsiest fabrics I could (most of them repeats from this WIP), and I've got one of them done (well, except for the hem at the bottom).  

one down!

I'm really pleased, but haven't figured out how to capture them well in a photo.  I was really nervous (I cut over 140 10" squares!), but I do love how they turned out (at least in person).  All three panels are pieced, and I need to line and band.  The only thing I think I'd change is I wish I'd have done black-out liner, but I already had this stuff on hand, and didn't want to spend any more money.


The other project I'm working on for her room are some pretty fabric poofs inspired by this mobile I saw on etsy.  I've got one poof done!  

pretty poof

I love it.  I will post a tutorial as part of Angela's Sew-Less Summer series (or you can find them on pinterest).  

I have deliberated and deliberated over Scarlet's room -- it has so many incongruent elements (most of them leftover from Steiger's room) I'm trying to tie together in to something fresh, soft, sweet, and pretty... in the end, I had to just go with what I know and love -- fabric, of course. ;)  I'll re-paint the walls when I get the other features finished, to create a great back drop.  I'm just hoping it all works. :)

Other stuff: 

Quilt tops awaiting quilting:

2) Penny Candy baby
5) Baby Hunky Dory (done!)
9) Baby triangles (almost done!)

Need more piecing:

4) (I'm sure there are many more -- but these are my priorities)

Awaiting blogging:
2) Big French Kisses (it's on our bed!, and I've got paper patterns in hand to list!)

Linking to Lee's!  (which is hosted by the lovely Felicity today). :)

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Svetlana said...

so many adorable, fantastic projects! And what a great idea to make it all girly and sweet and flowery now that she's little and will not complain. My daughters are 9 and 12 and they just outright refuse to even look at fabric that's so pretty. Oh, well. Enjoy!!! It all looks beautiful!

Cille said...

The way she already enjoys looking at fabric tells me quilting is in her genes :) lovely projects...

Karen said...

Tracey, I love everything on this post! Scarlet is sure to love flowers and beautiful colors...the sheet is so gorgeous! Glad to see that you're on Pinterest. I just joined your's.


felicity said...

At this rate Scarlet is going to become a tomboy just to mess with you and your foofy decor! ;)

Thanks for the shoutout, and for linking up to WIP Wednesday!

Katie B. said...

This is going to be such a sweet room! Love the curtains.

Katy Cameron said...

Cool curtains!

Pat said...

I've made upwards of 12 crib sheets for my grandkids -- one was in day care, so she needed a second set of sheets just for her crib there. I used up quilting cotton, fglannel and even some knits and . You can also make nice sheets for a pack 'n play. n Love that Sophie fabric!

sandra said...

What a lovely wee girls room, and I love the curtains. The more little ones have things to look at the quieter they are. I love the sheet and it's not too busy. Blessings Sandra

Cathy said...

I love foofey!!!

Kristie said...

All so beautiful and perfectly girls :)

Kelsey said...

Everything is so adorable! Love those patchwork curtains :) What a lucky little girl!

Erika L. said...

The fabric on the sheet is lovely!! She'll love her room, just wait!

Katie said...

I LOVE the patchwork curtains!


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