Sunday, July 18, 2010

the winner!

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123 wonderfully chatty comments, and gave me #104.
I couldn't believe the coincidence. :)

The winner of the Fandango charm pack is another Tracey!  (and she even spells her name *right*) ;)

(Tracey is also part of my Bee Splendid group)

I have replied to many of you while borrowing my bro's computer... but now that I'm back home, I'll get to the rest of you (so long as your email is linked to your profile)

Thank you for stopping by and joining in the conversation! 


We made it back in late last night.  S-man did wonderful on the flights, despite having a little bit of a cold. 

Here we were Friday night.

And I'm working on a quick little tutorial for one of these.  (It was my niece's first birthday)

(yep, I made this the night before we left... we left at 4 am)

I've got my embroidery projects to show you too.  


Kelly said...

whoo hoo! I didn't win! :) Congrats to Tracey!

Maria said...

Yout neices outfit is lovely Tracey :)

Erin said...

Oh that outfit is adorable cuteness! Are you SURE you don't want to have a little girl???

Julie said...

Congratulations TRacey! Adorable outfit! Wish I had a "little" girl to make one.

Tracey said...

Yea! My first win in blogland! Thanks!

blueberrymoon said...

The outfit for your niece is soooo
sweet!! Best part of that picture is
the 2 cousins playing.It's the best.

AllieKatMom said...

I missed you!!!!!


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