Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I've BEEn inspired

Pin It But I can't decide!

I got part of my fabric today for my Putting the Bee in Christmas quilt.

Christmas fabric

These Michael Miller prints are my favorites so far (I got them for $5/yard at fabricshack.com!)

Christmas fabric

Last Christmas, a friend of mine sent me this little card.  When I saw it, I thought, "I want to turn this in to a quilt."

Christmas Bee inspiration pic

I'm thinking about having the ladies make all ornament blocks, but that idea isn't quite sitting quite right.

I'm also thinking about Dresdens like these that Sherri made last year.

December Dresdens

  But I'm not quite sure about that either.

Drunk Love...ala Denyse Schmidt also keeps crossing my mind...  I worry it won't feel "Christmasy" enough.

I'm even considering some scrappy patchwork, like this here.

I have until the week of August 13 to decide.  And I have some more fabric coming (the lovely Holly got me with her reminder of fabric.com's coupon code... free shipping takes a bit longer than priority though)


If I had to decide today, I'd probably go with a large ornament block in the center, with drunk love around it. Either that or Dresdens.

In other Bee news, I finished my July Bee Splendid blocks.

This month was Sarah's month, and she wanted scrappy Jacob's Ladder blocks.
She got one scrappy Jacob's Ladder,

for Bee Splendid

 and one "humility block."

for Bee Splendid

We'll just say I did that on "purpose."

These make blocks #3 and #4 of my 60 blocks of Summer.  (I'm not counting my Circle Around blocks...unless I have to)

For July Bee Splendid

Karrie is turning this block in to a quilt-along.

Freckled Whimsy

Go check it out!


Cat B said...

WOW I'm loving your Christmas fabrics.
I'm thinking Drunk Love for my blocks in the Fresh & Funky Bee . . .

AllieKatMom said...

Hmmmm....I like all of your options. So glad I get to play with that fabric. Looks great!

Sarah Craig said...

My, you've BEEn busy!! I love my blocks - even the humility block! And your Christmas fabrics are glorious! Can't wait to see what you decide to make...

Maria said...

I have organised a Christmas bee, just 5 of us, I am going to use those Michael Miller fabrics, lovely :)

Fuschia said...

I think all of my blocks would qualify as humility blocks. lol

The Christmas fabrics adorable! I'm a fan of whimsical seasonal.

Sherri said...

Can't wait to see what you decide...I love the Jacob's ladder blocks too!


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